Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mr Cardinal's Australia Day offering -
sums up late summer Australian days pretty well, I think.

I sang with my choir at a Citizenship Ceremony,
taking my patriotic fan to cope with the humidity.
It was inspirational, and heart-warming,
to see the happiness of the new citizens as they took the Oath of Alliegance.
We ended with a rousing chorus of Advance Australia Fair .... as you do!

We had a barbeque street party with all the neighbours -
about 50 people turned up!
It is such a great way to catch up with each other every New Year.

The rain has started again -
which is wonderful for the garden!


  1. Hi Patricia, You can never have too many things splashed around with the Australia Flag on it on Australia Day! I love all your flower photos from your garden. That sure is a positive spin on all this rain that we are having... 'good for the garden' lol. Have a great day. x Jode

    1. Hi Jode,
      Glad you like the flower photos - I had to lecture some little blue flowers which refused to open up for the photo. Thus the out-of-season blue iris I had to use :) Still raining here - maybe the roses will have another burst!

  2. Lovely flowers and flags, and happy Australia Day to you. How nice to welcome new Aussies with a ceremony and a song - I'm pretty sure we don't do that here. Enjoy the sunshine and eating outside (I can't even remember what that's like!). xxx

    1. Thank you Mrs Exeter. No welcomes for the new citizens in the UK? What a pity, you have such great music, culture, and culinary delights to use for such an event!
      The eating on the street was fun - we stayed out there until well after 9.00 pm. No cars dared to come into our court; it was people power!