Wednesday, January 4, 2012


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas ....

I took it all down and put it away ..

It's like a streamlined declutter and redecoration day.

Trying a pink and white arrangement in the old hutch.
I hope this is the year it goes off to Paint Me White for a radical makeover.

My 2012 calendar features the art of Maud Lewis (1903-1970),
one of Canada's most loved folk artists, who lived in Nova Scotia.
Maud was dirt-poor, married to a fish pedlar, and lived in a one-room house,
the size of an average bedroom, with a sleeping loft above.
She never mixed colours, always painted outdoor scenes,
and her work is full of joy and vibrancy.
I'll look forward to the 1st of every month for a new shot of colour and fun.

January 2012 does NOT see the Red Cardinals enjoying the snow,
or riding in a sleigh.

We are forking out for major repairs to our swimming pool.

Look at this monster crack:

We live on a hillside, and the hill, it seems, has had a little yawn and stretch!

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has announced her patronage of her first four charities.
Two are connected with the world of art:, one being Patron of the
National Portrait Gallery in London.
Lucky Kate, she gets to be invited to all the openings and be one of the first to see any new acquisitions.
I love that Kate has the same Uni Degree as moi, a B.A. in Art History.

Now, can any woman look classy with a large elephant hung about her neck??

Well, our Princess Mary can do it:

Every inch a princess, and soooo elegant in red velvet and her wonderful ruby and dimond tiara.

Au Revoir


  1. Well I'm feeling inspired to attack the Christmas tree after reading this post, I resolved three days ago to dismantle it and still it stands staring at me. Tonight for sure!
    The pool crack is a beauty. I can imagine the pain of repair costs, those jobs don't come cheap.

  2. Hi Red Roses, Hope the dismantling went well. It has a happy/sad vibe as you are saying goodbye to the pretty ones for about 11 months!
    Pool crack = expensive. No getting around that one!

    Goddess: There's Something About Our Mary :)