Sunday, January 8, 2012


On the hottest January day for 2 years, the Pebblecreters arrived at 7.00 am.
Before we knew it, a very large truck on the front lawn
was pumping stuff down into the pool, where the team of
busy elves spread it like icing on a cake.

They wore very ingenious footwear for sloshing about in the slurry.

It's looking good!!

After four hours in horrifying temperatures,
rising to 38 degrees C, they went off to recover.
Following suit, I retreated to The Mall to escape the heat...
er....get some exercise .... have lunch ...
go to the sales ...  whatever ..

Some hours later, I emerged with one large slouchy cream tote and
one silver clutch with jewelled tiger clasp from Colette accessories,
and one black satin clutch with satisfyingly sparkly flower detail from
Forever New.  Some of these items were 50% off.
All set now for the 2012 Opera and QSO seasons.

In the spirit of the post-Christmas declutter,
I came home and consigned eight, yes eight!
small evening bags and clutches of various levels of antiquity
to the next Op-shop run.

Princess Mary's twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent turned one -

Aren't they just the cuddliest little cuties?
And don't they look soooo like their older brother and sister!

And, for keeping cool in our heatwave,
take a tip from the Obama girls, on holiday recently in Hawaii:

Wear sleeveless white,  hair up, comfy flats or sandals.
Should be cooler by Thursday ...


  1. Oh this heat is disgusting. Our time at home is spent living in the kitchen/family area where the air-con is.
    I seriously adore the bag stash you brought home after recovering at the shops.

  2. Hi Annie, yes, hover near the air-con is the only solution. We are doing much the same.

    Glad you like the bag stash .. I felt quite audacious!

  3. Can I just say what lovely ankles your Pebblecreter has? Exquisite! LOL

    Terribly hard to imagine being so hot - I bet you can't wait to get that pool filled?

    Beyond jealous of your new bags. I think I need a sparkly clutch or two! xxx

  4. Ah, yes, lovely ankles, lovely bronze tans worn with faded resort wear and tricky hats ... now, where was I? lol, Mrs Exeter!

    Glad you like the bags .. I am looking forward to taking them on the town.