Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After a heart-stopping few days when the computer monitor died in a puff of foul smoke,
Red Cardinal is back in business.  Phew!

The Monsoons have arrived in our town, and not wanting to be a slow starter,
our creek responded by immediately breaking its banks, flooding the road,
and making a lot of noise during the night.

The local wild duck population will be beside themselves with the
excitement of it all!

Little Aussie came to visit last weekend.

He got into the newly fixed pool and demonstrated his superior 2-year-old
underwater swimming technique.
We were absolutely charmed by this brilliant display!

We adjourned to a park for a climbing demo ..

And gave wild applause to his galloping horsemanship!

We shared these at a local cafe.
He didn't know Grandma was not supposed to be seen eating chippies....EVER!



  1. Well the rain has stopped as I write and thank goodness for we are feeling rather sodden. I hope the over flowing creek does not prevent you from entering your street. Little Aussie is a beaut swimmer and it looks like he's a natural. You know, my weakness is hot chips. There I've confessed!

    I was thinking about your comment regarding foofing our blogs. Have you tried going into Template designer, open Advanced, click on Background to change colour. This is the main tool I use for updating my blog and getting into all sorts of mischief!

    1. Hi Annie, luckily we have two ways to get into our street; sometimes both flood, but not often. The closed road is open again this afternoon.
      Thanks for your blog help - the new blogger interface had me stumped. After some experimenting, I realise what I want is to remove the Background Image. Several attempts later it is still there but I'll keep trying :)

  2. We are only getting light showers now after the 250mls we have had over the last two days! The waters are still rising, the boys are having a ball in the shallow water near the house! My boys says things like that to their Nan all the time, lovely memories to have a share. My nans' favourite was did they have cars in your days nan??? Meet with a lot of laughter! Have a great day, hope the water recedes quickly! x Jode

    1. Hi Jode, I look forward to the little guy coming up with those funny little comments as he gets older. I notice his vocab is improving so much and so quickly.
      Rain here has stopped, but TV says it is coming back. Do I believe everything I see/hear on TV? mmmmm ...??