Thursday, January 12, 2012


The great pool refill begins;
a baby water dragon waits impatiently for the water to reach him!

36 hours later and it is full.  A bit too green, but looking much better.
A couple of likely lads arrived to add vast quantities of salt and a bit of other stuff,
and we'll be good to go in no time.
Fingers crossed the repair will last A Very Long Time (ie Forever!)
because the water bill for the refill will be Horrendous!

Welcome back to little pink and white rose.
I have missed you.
(Some plants are very coy about strutting their stuff too frequently.)

Thank Goodness the heat wave has abated.
I do love a south-easterly wind change. 
You can almost smell the salt air from the sea..if you wish hard enough.

Lots of roses perished from heat over the past three days, some of them while still buds.
This one is a little survivor.

Not much water in our local creek these days.
It is said that platypus live here, but I've never seen one.
It is a cool experience to just stare at the water trickling along.
I love a rugged Australian bush stream.
Have you been to the Qld Art Gallery to see the Eugene von Guerard Exhibition?
He was a great colonial painter of the Australian bush.

Source: Google images

This is his painting of Ferntree Gully in the Dandenongs, Victoria.
Look at the little lyrebird in the front.

I might actually cook something tonight.
Stay Cool!

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