Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy Canada Day to all Canadians, wherever you may be.
I took this photo of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, last year in the depths of the Northern Winter.
The snow and ice are eerily beautiful,
and the cold was like nothing ever experienced in Queensland (-17 deg).
This sign was on the pavement just near the Entry:

Fortunately, we were not decapitated, or otherwise injured, by Chute de Glace!

I see William and Catherine have arrived around these parts, in delightful sunny weather.

Source:  MY ROYALS

First item of her First Royal Tour wardrobe, this stunning navy lace dress. 
 I love it; so very elegant.  A new royal star has arrived.

Here is my length of navy lace: it's been languishing in the sewing room these past 10 years.

I think its Time Has Come.

Meanwhile, I found these yellow beads at the antique shop today.
Maybe they'll look good with navy.

Can't wait to see what Catherine wears next.
And what Charlene wears to become the Princess of Monaco!


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