Sunday, July 10, 2011


Aren't these yellow daisies cheerful? 
They grow like weeds, when every other plant is struggling against the wind and dry cold weather.

Despite these difficult conditions,
my favourite rose bush has presented the First Rose of the Season.
Behold this beauty, rescued and brought indoors:

Always a lover of bright colours,
I have mysteriously found myself drawn to animal prints and neutrals this year. 
Recently I made this zebra flavoured shirt:

The other day I met my sister at a handy local Mall, for the usual shopping, coffee, shopping, lunch, shopping routine.  While I was busy explaining I never buy anything at sales, all the good things are long gone, yada, yada, yada..................... I spotted this silky shirt in yes, neutrals. 
 It looked good, it felt good, and it was 70% off.  It has come to live with me.

I've been wearing these little beauties with my neutrals. 
Unfortunately I rattle delicately as I walk along :)

Enjoy the wintry ambience - it won't last long!

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