Sunday, July 3, 2011


The exhibition Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams, continues at our wonderful Gallery of Modern Art.
Direct from the Centre Pompidou, Paris,
it consists of over 180 works, the core of their collection of Surrealist art. 
Don't Miss It - you may never get another chance to see these historic works of art.

While QAG has its very own, beautiful, Picasso painting (La Belle Hollandaise), this is the opportunity to see one of his many portraits of his mistress and model Marie-Therese Walter, mother of his daughter Maya.
 Marie-Therese met Picasso and became his mistress at the tender age of about 17.
He always painted her as blonde, light and bright:
Pablo Picasso: Le Reve (The Dream) 1932.

This painting is not showing at Goma - that one you will have to go and see for yourself!

In 1936, Picasso met Dora Maar, who became his next great love, and poor Marie-Therese was moved to the sidelines.  Dora Maar was an incredibly clever photographer, with her own studio in Paris, where she made Surrealist photo collages and montages.  Many of them are here in the exhibition, and they are brilliant.
Dora produced images for advertising, and one which I love was developed as an advertisement for hair oil. It has a ship, juxtoposed on a close-up of wavy hair.  Clever girl, Dora Maar. 

Picasso also painted Dora's portrait, many times.  He called her a weeping woman, and showed her as Sad Dora, apparently because she never became a mother. 


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