Friday, July 8, 2011


This week I spent a day with my Sewing Girlfriends. 
Naturally we began with cake, in this case the above superb Rhubarb Confection;
everyone accessorised with a dollop of heavy cream:  it was gastronomic heaven!

Some sewing also occurred, quilts were admired, embroidery encouraged,
and new work considered and planned.
Show and Tell is key:

Look at this beautiful antique chatelaine put together by one of our clever girls,
and the delightful Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady found by someone else.

We touched upon all the big issues of the week:

Kate and Wills have now left the country, and headed off to Hollywood.
For this happy farewell salute, Catherine shone in a beautiful wool coat of Canadian Red,
and gave the Queen's Diamond Maple Leaf brooch another outing. 
It seems a shame Catherine has been criticised by some for her first Royal Tour wardrobe. 
I think she has done really well, with just the right amount of formality, suitably appropriate gestures such as the brooch, and perfect grooming.

When in Calgary, you join the Wild West culture, and go to the Stampede.

Isn't this lacy shirt pretty?
 Very Grace Kelly in High Noon, as a dainty bride in the Old West.

  The West Wind is blowing here, too,
 bringing with it the dry cold from the Inland.
It was about 1 degree this morning,
the roses are looking a little desperate for some love and care,
and the pool is evaporating rapidly. 

I for one need to get outside for some garden maintenance.

Do something fun this weekend.

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