Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This week I'm feeling all Versailles French,
because I went to see the movie Nannerl: Mozart's Sister.
Think gorgeous music, beautiful costumes,
fabulous settings including the Palace of Versailles
where the Mozarts met and played with the young Dauphin of France,
and lovely snowy scenery.

Poor Nannerl was always over-shadowed by her genius of a younger brother,
the prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
She was also musically gifted and talented,
but back in the 1700s, being a girl made recognition difficult,
if not downright impossible.

Nannerl tried to break away from the family, and live in Paris to compose and teach.
Perhaps she lived in a garrett in somewhere like this.

Ten Stars from me.

I know, this was not built for another century,
but I am On a Roll here.

Au Revoir

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