Saturday, July 30, 2011


Source: My Royals
The Summer of Royal Weddings continues:
I see that Zara Phillips and Mark Tindall enjoyed their
Pre-Wedding (Highland) Fling on the
Royal Yacht Brittania in Edinburgh.
Not I don't know about you, but I thought the old Brittania was consigned
 to oblivion years and years ago. 
Remember that photo of the Queen shedding a tear,
the only time she has been publicly recorded as showing this level of emotion??
Well, it seems the old ship has settled in Edinburgh, and become
(shock-horror) a Tourist Attraction!!
And a lovely party venue as well, apparently.
Zara appears in fine form, in a flouncy mini party frock.
All the Royal Rellies seem to have been in attendance:

Source: My Royals
I like Kate's saucy back-buttoned dress, in brilliant green.
She looks good in strong colours.

Source: My Royals

The other night I went to the Theatre to see Piano Lessons: a captivating stage version of the best-selling autobiographical book by Australian concert pianist Anna Goldsworthy.
I loved the book, and seeing it come to life on the stage, starring the real Anna,
playing herself and playing the piano, was a wonderful experience.
I forgot to wear my piano brooch, but here it is anyway:

My little grandson visited today -
He is beautiful and a genius!!
Witness this:  playing the piano with great style and flair:

I hope you are doing something nice this weekend.

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