Friday, June 24, 2011


After a refreshing Choir Rehearsal singing Handel this morning, I called into the
Paddington Antique Centre, source of my pink tea service found a few years back.
Their new cafe looked cosy and cute, and I found lots of appealing furniture, jewellery and glassware.

I didn't find an antique bargain, but I did source this Biscuit Barrel:

purely for aesthetic purposes, of course .......... and because I love pink.

See this thriving, triple leafed vine: it is an evil, insidious, interloper!
It has been quietly taking over the home of the Allamanda Vine, which of course looks like this:

It was only when I spotted the menacing tentacles of the interloper, attempting to strangle an adjacent palm tree that realised Something Was Not Right.
The interloper will not see the light of Monday morning.
It will find itself here:

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