Sunday, April 15, 2012


Raindrops on Roses today.
Can't give you Whiskers on Kittens,
but we do have Very Wet Lorikeets:

and Raindrops on Petunias ...

Cooking a meal is a bit beyond me right now.
We were thrilled when our mother and daughter friends arrived with this
girly decorated fruit/chocolate assortment, apple shortcake,
and a chicken pie under the red-checked towel.

So grateful :))))

The dining room table is covered with photos, coloured pages,
and stickers.
If I can't do housework, drive or cook, I can catch up scrapbooking the family albums...

Blue Birds of Happiness!

I hope your week is a good one ..


  1. Lovely photos Patricia,
    How nice of your mother and friends to bring you goodies.
    It all sounds lovely,and so many cards
    My roses are coming into bloom too.
    Wishing you get better day by day.
    best wishes
    Happy sunday

    1. Thanks Val, it is lovely to have such a wonderful support group. I'd love to see your roses as they bloom. Gardens are such good therapy, I think.
      Doing my best to get better, slowly ..

  2. Truly, is there anything better than a gift of a tasty meal wrapped in a pretty tea-towel?
    Our bird bath was crowded with lorikeets last weekend. Tis a sight we never tire of Patricia.
    Hope you're getting stronger day by day.

    1. Right on, Annie - the addition of the pretty tea-towel made the meal complete. It was a lovely surprise.
      Thankyou, I am getting stronger each day, and hope I can occupy myself here for another 3-4 weeks until I get the all-clear to Resume Normal Activities (ie drive!)

  3. We have raindrops and hailstones on everything at the moment! I have not got as far as reading why you can't do things yet but it sounds like you are on the road to recovery which must be good. Thank you for visiting and joining my blog. Suzy x

    1. Hi Suzy, thankyou for joining my blog too! I love the way you welcome people to your blog - you might be starting a nice trend there. xx