Thursday, April 19, 2012


The Terrace at Saint-Adresse, 1867, by Claude Monet
This is my favourite painting by Monet, leader and most famous of the French Impressionists.
It is a little unusual, and shows the influence of Japanese colour wood-block prints which were all the rage in Paris at the time.
Having loved it for years, I was absolutely bowled over when I saw the original at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
It was one of those heart-thumping, dizzy-headed moments, experienced when in the presence of great artistry.
One of the many aspects which excite me in this image is the lucious red-orange on the flowers, which was just absolutely gorgeous.

Monet knew a thing or two about colour.
He knew Blue and Orange are complementary,
and each intensifies the impact of the other.

All these images are paintings by Monet.
Here is the one which gave Impressionism its name:
Impression: Sunrise -

Self-confessed Monet-fancier, my friend J sent me this bouquet of Iris, with orange Roses & Lilies.

In the spirit of the moment, I made an orange cake, and went overboard with the floral decorations for my visiting sisters ...

 Looking forward to the day I can wear my blue linen shift once again ...
with the orange scarf, perhaps? 

Enjoy the weekend ...


  1. Dear Patricia,
    I am happy that you can at least make a cake. things are looking a little better for you .. I do hope so.!
    The bouquet "monet" from your friend is beautiful.
    I havea couple of Monet books .. I adore his art.
    I too enjoyed seeing his work in the MET.. and also enjoyed the big apple.
    Wishing you a happy Friday
    val x x

    1. Dear Val, yes, it is good to be able to make a cake - no heavy lifting is involved. My arm is still quite a bother and I am trying to get an appointment with an expert in physiotherapy for lymphodema.
      Isn't the MET fabulous? Glad you have been there too.
      Patricia xx

  2. Beautiful vibrant colours in the Monet images, I think my favourite is the one with the two red boats. Suzy x

    1. Hi Suzy, good choice, the boat one is a great Monet. His colours are just magic.
      Patricia xx

  3. I love Monet too. Have you ever been to the Musee L'Orangerie in Paris? It's the one with the eight continuous water lily murals in one oval shaped room. it is wonderful. Giverny, Monet's garden outside of Paris is still on my wish list of places to see.
    The cake you made is just lovely and please post a photo when you do wear the blue dress and orange scarf again.

    1. Yes, Valerie, I went to L'Orangerie, the Last Time I Saw Paris, to quote the song. (The previous visit it was closed for renovations!) It is so clever and so beautifully painted. Like you, I still have Giverny on my wish list. One day...

  4. What beautiful paintings! I love Monet and used to love spending time in the National Gallery in London. Have you ever been there? The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is absolutely amazing and great to hear about your fabulous eperience there. Hope you are doing well too, Fifi x

    1. Hi Fifi, Yes, I have been to the National Gallery in London, and gazed at so many famous works of art, known from the art books. I love it! Also really enjoyed the National Portrait Gallery next door.
      And Thanks, I am doing pretty well, considering :)