Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today, 25th April, is Anzac Day in Australia,
the day we commemorate those who lost their lives in war,
in defence of freedom and democracy.

Usually on this day I join with my choir to sing at an early morning church service, during which the Last Post is played.
It is always very moving, and I am sorry I missed out this time; 
but I am still in Recovery Mode.

This photo shows my grandfather and two of his brothers.
They joined the Australian Imperial Forces in World War I,
travelled to Europe and served on the Western Front.
My grandfather became a medic in the fields of Flanders,
transporting the wounded in an ambulance wagon drawn by mules.
Thankfully, all three returned to Australia after the war.

Mr Cardinal's family was not so lucky.
Two of his great-uncles lost their lives in Flanders.

A few years ago we travelled to Belgium and located the grave of one of them in this War Cemetery.
It was a very special moment for Mr C.

We visited a museum where some of the original trenches are preserved ...

It is very shocking to see where men fought, lived and died,
 in such primitive surroundings.

At the Menin Gate memorial in Ypres, we found the name of the other uncle, whose grave is unknown.

Near the gate was a frozen canal, behind the dead tree in this pic.
It was the first time I had seen such a large body of water all frozen over,
with people skating along it.

Today I made traditional Anzac Biscuits with our grandson, Little Aussie ...

Lest We Forget


  1. Remembering "Anzac" day..
    You have written a lovely tribute to the brave Australian soldiers that fought for freedom and liberty.
    It was an awful that will never be forgotten.
    I am sure that it was a touching moment for both you and Mr C to visit
    Belgium .
    I have learnt something today Patricia. I never knew that the trenches were still there.
    Have a blessed day. Enjoy your lovely looking "Anzac" biscuits.

    1. Thank you Val, I enjoyed writing the Anzac post. Our daughter was teaching in England and had been to the museum near Ypres on a school excursion, so was able to take us there. I will put information about it in another post, as others might be interested too.

  2. A lovely tribute Patricia to our serving soldiers both past and present. To visit the cemetery and museum must have been a spine tingling experience. It's truly hard to fathom how much they suffered.
    The Anzac bikkies look very tasty!

    1. It was an amazing day when we went to the battlefields. We actually did a (very long) day trip from England, driving to Dover and catching the ferry across to Calais and back at night. Breakfast and dinner on the ferry!
      Little Aussie is enjoying the Anzac bikkies...