Friday, April 13, 2012


A cheer-up squad of girlfriends came to help me today ...
being as the doctor has forbidden housework for 6 weeks and all
(yes, tragic, I know)

How good is a girlfriend who does your vacuuming for you?
and changes the sheets, and fixes the flower vases ....

Naturally, cake was involved, a fantastic rhubarb cake made by J,
who also brought me this absolutely adorable bluebird cup and saucer.

I know, Spoilt!!!

V and L brought me a little red felt sparrow make-it kit,
(legs still not finished)
and a sweet pincushion with birdhouse.  Perfection.

L brought a big tub of fresh pumpkin soup.
That's the weekend sorted!

We found time to discuss a set of quilt blocks I made back in the 90s...
when Grown Women reverted to childhood and made teddy bears, painted teddy bears, made quilts featuring teddy bears ...
I was too slow and before the quilt was made up, I was Over It.
The blocks were put away "until I became a grandma",
and forgotten for years.
They turned up in a recent declutter, and, with the Petite Garcon coming to visit in a few months,
the time is right to finish this Unfinished Sewing Project.
Note featured grandparent teddies.
It is never too early to brainwash the child.

The layout of the blocks is sorted, now just have to buy a toning fabric to bring it into the 21st century.

I have been dreadfully spoilt over the past month, and have loved and appreciated every minute of it.
It has made it so much easier to cope with my illness and multiple surgeries;
I seem to have largely floated through this experience on a wave of love and good wishes,
and hope I will be a better person for having made this journey.
You can never underestimate the value of family and friends in your life.

I hope your weekend is Autumnly Gorgeous!



  1. Dear Patricia,
    That is what I call true friends. How lovely and kind of them to go over and help you out.
    I gave a little laugh to myself where you wrote about the patchwork .. I did exactly the same. When my first grandchild was born, i said i would get it finished. I am on my 6th grandchild , and its still packed away.!
    Your afternoon tea and cakes look divine.
    love the little cup..
    sending you wishes for a blessed happy weekend.

    1. Thanks Val - I wonder how many of us have these quilt blocks hidden away in the sewing room. Lots I suspect. Fingers crossed I do finish it this year.
      Enjoy the weekend in lovely Portugal.

  2. Dear Patricia - I'm so sorry I've been consumed with selling our house, and my laptop has been consigned to a drawer! Glad to hear your friends are taking care of you and what a generous lot - doing the housework is very kind because I can imagine how not being able to do it must drive you mad :(

    I'm so sorry to hear in your last post that you couldn't cut out your blouse (your pink rose one is so pretty) - I wish I could come round and do it for you. Can any of your lovely gang of friends cut out a pattern?

    Its wonderful to hear your updates and how you're doing - I hope you are able to use your arm better soon! xxx

    1. Dear Mrs E, selling a house is such an endurance test. Good luck with it all and I hope you sell quickly.
      It is a funny thing about housework; we might not like doing it necessarily, but when one cannot do it, then it becomes highly desirable. The vagaries of the female mindset!
      Yes, I have received an offer to cut out the yellow shirt. Hopefully next week :)

  3. Your dear pals sound like a wonderful bunch Patricia...where would we be without true friends.
    The quilt story gave me a chuckle, I was also one of those grown women who became enthralled with quilting and cross-stitch. There's a cross-stitch Peter Rabbit creation I commenced while pregnant with my son 25yrs ago (!) and now I ponder if I shall finish it for a first grandchild. Pity my eyesight isn't flash.
    Enjoy the weekend, looks like it's shaping up to be pleasant weather wise.

    1. Yes Annie, a wonderful bunch of girls they are. The past month would have been quite difficult without so many supportive people in my life. It is good to know there are other hidden projects like Peter Rabbit out there, just waiting for a grandchild to appear. I say go ahead, finish it and tuck it away with a set of Beatrix Potter. Lovely. Fingers crossed the Teddy Bears oblige and do not prove difficult to charm into a good quilt.

  4. Patricia I'm glad you are being looked after. I also have a set of quilt blocks from the Previous Century waiting for completion, but they are pussycats not teddy bears. As I am a scrap & leftover fabric quilter I don't even know what is fashionable among quilters at the moment but I bet it is something more artsy than little animals!

    1. Aha, good to know there is another closet quilter harboring sets of cute quilt blocks. Are you a grandma Valerie? I am sure there will be a little person somewhere who would love your pussycats one of these days.
      And I don't know what's fashionable these days either, so will be interesting to visit Ye Olde Quilt Shoppe, hopefully soon.