Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today I received the best possible Easter gift when I saw my surgeon.
All my cancer, a massive amount of it,  has been safely removed with a good clean margin around the area!
There was nothing in the 8 nodes also removed.

And I don't have to have any further treatment!
(I was more worried about radiation and chemo drugs than about my surgery.)

Best of all possible outcomes for me, and I am Soooo Grateful, and Relieved Beyond Measure!!

There are so many ifs:  What if it had not been found so early, given that I was not due for a regular check until May?
What if it had become invasive over the past 3 months while I took my time about getting on with the surgery?

I feel truly Blessed this Easter.

Many, many wonderful people have been incredibly kind and generous to me.
The house is fragrant and joyous with beautiful flowers.

Gorgeous Rose, Jasmine and Lavender,
Floral-fresh and soothing for my surgery-weary skin:
Thank you to my lovely friend S.

The girls from Mr Cardinal's office arrived with lunch the other day. 
Thanks, Young Girly Cheer-Squad!

My dear friend J, who appreciates a beautifully constructed couture gown better than anyone I know,
brought me her precious collection of HELLO mag royal and celebrity wedding issues!!!
That girl knows how to cheer me up no end ...

Lots of cute birdie cards - you people know me well ..

And lots of art and fashion cards.
I have always found Freida Kahlo fascinating.

Mr Cardinal has been a real stoic, tending to my needs and dealing with my roller-coaster ride of emotion and fear. 
Our little nest has been disturbed, and we are told normal will now be a different normal,
but this Easter we can settle into family mode again.
Looking forward to sightings of Sydneysider son, Irish lass, Little Aussie, Rocket Scientist and dearest Daughter-in-Law.

Thank you everybody who has encouraged me, sent lots of love and hugs, prayed for me, and helped me in so many ways. 
It has been quite wonderful to receive messages from other bloggers, most of whom I have never met, but I feel I know you all in spirit.

Easter Blessings to you all.


  1. Dearest Patricia,

    You are in my prayers. Faith is the strongest healer of all.
    I feel that your spirits are high, that in itself is good too.
    How nice of all your friends to gather around ..its times like you are going through that you need them.
    Its Holy week. Today is Holy thursday(maundy thursday)
    A blessed day to you and your family.
    so glad you will be together.

    1. Dear Val, Thank you so much. I do feel wonderful in spirit and know that many people contributed to this outcome. Holy Week seems an appropriate time for this to happen. Sadly I cannot sing with my church choir at all the Easter ceremonies, but I am singing with them in my mind!

  2. This news has put a huge smile on my dial Patricia. To be free and clear now with no further treatment is absolutely fantastic!
    This Easter will be a truly beautiful time with your beloved family and I do hope you tuck into some yummy chocolate because you've earned it sweet lady.
    Best wishes to all the Cardinals (hubs is a trooper too) and again..just so Happy for you.

    1. Hi Annie, big smile on my dial too :)))
      Happily planning nice Easter times with family, and most definitely chocolate, which has morphed into an essential food, rich in antioxidents .. he he he - noone can pinch Mum's chocolate now!
      Yes, poor hubs is a trooper and puts up with much. Do hope the Red roses fam have a wonderful Easter too.

  3. Dear Patricia,

    What fantastic news for you and your family.
    I am sorry, I had no idea of what you have been going through.
    You have been very brave in your battle and your beautiful cheery posts always brighten my day. I am so pleased you have been given the all clear with no more surgery needed.
    Enjoy your Easter break with your lovely family.
    Hope the Easter Bunny hops your way!

    x Jode

    1. Hi Jode, Thank you for your kind words, and yes we are most relieved to finally have some good news at last. The past month has been quite the merry-go-round as each doctor visit brought more bad news. What great timing to have it all end before the Easter Bunny comes a-hopping! I do enjoy your blogs about your boys - having raised a couple of boys myself, and having a bunch of younger brothers, I can relate to such a lot of what goes on :)

  4. So glad to hear this news! Lots of Love Lotus & Willow xx

    1. Thank you twinnies! Have a great Easter <3

  5. Patricia, What great news and what a great relief it must be to you and your friends and family. I wish you a speedy recovery. Happy Easter to you and yours.

    1. Biggest relief I even felt, Valerie! All focus on getting the arm mobile again and back to some kind of normal :) Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  6. How wonderful, what a joyous easter weekend this will be for you.

    1. Thanks Tabitha, very chuffed with this outcome. Today drank celebratory bubbles, tho nor normally on my agenda. Delicious!. Hope you Easter is fab!