Monday, April 2, 2012


A big and very sincere thank you to the many lovely people who have sent love and hugs, prayers and encouragement, over the past week during my cancer surgery.  Your words kept me going through what was a times a bit of a nerve-wracking, not to say frightening, experience.  Of course, it is not all over yet and I see my surgeon on Thursday for pathology results and discussion on future treatment, but for now I am very happy to be back home, in the house I love, surrounded by Mr Cardinal, family and friends.

This is moi, lying in the hospital, wearing white pressure stockings.  They obviously worked well, because my legs are feeling 100% fine these days.  I amused myself pretending to be the subject of a French impressionist picture:

Woman in White Stockings, 1924, Suzanne Valadon.
My left arm, however, is very stiff, sore and sorry.
Its new best friend is a pink satin horseshoe of a cushion provided by the wonderful Kim Walters Choices Program for women with breast cancer:

Eventually I plucked up the courage to inspect the damage.  My left side now resembles the left side of a kewpie doll:

Or, to put it another way, who knew my waist was thickening down there under that boob?  Out of sight, out of mind ....
I hope my face is kinder than the one painted on this funny little porcelain family heirloom doll-on-a-brooch.  Her eyes are deadset ferocious!

Views from my hospital window:

Loved the house with a vine growing over the rooftop.

I could look across at the Cancer Research Centre, which seems appropriate.

Enjoyed the hospital art in my ward..

All my favourite indigenous painting styles were represented. 
 It cheered me up a treat on my daily Walks for Fitness.

A few Autumn leaves I brought back from Canada last October -
the only way I can play Autumn Colours in Brisbane.
Loving the fresh air and slightly cooler temperatures.

More later xx


  1. Dear Patricia it is so lovely to hear you are home, and that all has gone well. Your poor arm! I hope it starts to feel better soon and you have good results on Thursday. Your hospital looks really nice and the views from your window v. Interesting - that house with the creeper looks set to disappear! Wish you a cool and comfortable Easter, and hope you feel better v. soon. PS LOVE the pjs! xxx

    1. Hi Mrs E, that house with a creeper fascinated me and I thought it looked abandoned. Then on Sunday I was looking down and saw someone come to the door and sit on the front step for a while. It must be very strange to live in there - rather like Sleeping Beauty's castle I should think. Feeling a little stronger each day :) Happy Easter to you and your family xxx

    2. Hope things have gone well for you today - lots and lots of love, Axxx

    3. Bestest possible news today, A. All DCIS which was in massive quantities, has been removed with a good clear margin. Best of all, no further treatment required :)))))
      So grateful for all the love, caring and encouragement received. Many thanks. xxx

  2. Oh Patricia I am laughing about the kewpie doll's ferocious face! I applaud your sense of humour at this very trying time.
    The leopard print pj's are fabulous and what every self respecting patient should wear during a hospital stay.
    There's nothing like being home in one's own comfortable surroundings and meandering through the garden whilst recuperating and this weather is divine. Perfect for the soul.
    Thank you for keeping us updated with your progress so soon after the operation. Best wishes for good tidings at the doctors appointment.

    1. Hi Annie, humour and amusing myself are what get me through :) I thought the leopard print raised the fashion tone of the ward he he
      I was a bit unsure re blogging about my experience, but everyone has been so kind and thoughtful, it seemed only natural to keep the story going. Thank you for your good wishes at the doc - in a way, the rest of my life will be shaped by what is said tomorrow. Happy Easter to you and the RR&C family xxx

  3. Love your PJ's, love that very Brisbane view, love your courage. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you Valerie. Yes, it is a very Brisbane view from that room and I loved it! There were other angles equally interesting, too. Wishing you a very Happy Easter xx