Monday, April 9, 2012


Hints of Autumn are coming on the wind -
slightly crisp mornings, and fresh south-easterly breezes.
The skies are brilliant blue, but our trees remain green.
You have to search for the subtle signs of Autumn in Brisbane.
And make do with a fake arrangement of russet colours.

Here are a few pictures of the magnificent Fall season in Ottawa,
Canada where our daughter lives with her family:

My wardrobe is severely restricted right now, while recovering from my surgery.
Shift dresses are out, as is anything fitted while I still have a surgical drain from my wounds.
Today I decided another loose shirt would be useful.
Once again pulled out this fabric and pattern ..

Sadly, I discovered my arm is too stiff and sore to spread and cut out the fabric.
One handed is just too difficult.
I decided to throw a big sulk and eat a large piece of chocolate easter egg, while pouting!
This was entirely wasted because noone was here to see it...

My surgery was done on only a few days notice and I was pretty uninformed.
I had no idea that my arm was going to be affected,
and to some extent will have permanent issues.
It is so good to be alive, though!

Would have cut the shirt out ahead of time had I known.
I will find some handy girlfriend to cut it for me.

Flowers and cards are still popping in ...
aren't people just so kind and encouraging!

Mr Cardinal's office is moving and something was surplus to requirements:

Small white marble topped table has come to live with us.

I hope your week is a good one ..


  1. A hissy fit is totally wasted on an empty house Patricia! If it's any consolation I reckon you are doing remarkably well even contemplating sewing. Yes it is frustrating to be shackled but as you say..So good to be alive.
    The photo of leaves lying on the grass is my favourite and wow the table is divine. Do you have a spot chosen for it?

    1. Yes, wasted hissy fit indeed ;) Sewing is my therapy I guess, and I want to feel a bit of normal again. Today I took up a hem, so that was my Fix!
      Glad you like the table - it will be a little drinks table at end of sofa. I think it will be fun to ring the decorating changes with it.

  2. It is early days and frustration is so understandable. Chocolate is totally good for the morale!
    I miss the riot of Autumn colour that I experienced while living in the UK last year. I'll have to go to the Blue Mountains to see some. Thank you for your pictures. Oh and thank you for commenting on my blog. I love comments and the feeling of community among sewing bloggers.

    1. Frustration is the word, Valerie! Had a bit more chocolate today .. medicinal of course. The Blue Mountains are lovely; I hope you get to see them in their Autumnal splendor.
      Sewing blogs have encouraged me to dressmake again after years of not bothering. Yay for Blogs.

  3. Eat chocolate till your hearts content Patricia..
    You have been through a rough time.
    Its amazing that you want to sew. Just take it easy. Maybe a trip to a dress store..there are a lot of large floppy blouses about. Retail therapy.
    I am sure your arm will be as right as rain soon.
    The new marble topped table is divine.. happy decorating.
    beautiful photos of Canada and your flowers.
    stay well..

    1. Glad you like the photos of Canada, Val. It is such a beautiful country. We had another trip planned next month but sadly it has to be cancelled. Maybe next year if I am fully recovered. Travel insurance is the issue.
      Am definitely considering where I might find a floppy blouse - that would be the answer right now!

  4. Gorgeous shots! The colours are stunning! Enjoy the lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

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