Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The Christmas box is off to Canada,
to my daughter and her family.
It is such fun selecting lots of light-weight goodies,
packing it so there is not the tinest space left unfilled.
Can't reveal the contents - they might look at the blog.

These little ground cover gardenias are so sweet to look at
and sweetly scented.  Yet they are Really Tough, and survive anything.

Every year I grow pansies, in gardens and in pots,
and every year I try to keep them flowering until my birthday, the 29th November.
Which is today.

This is all that is left:

Bye til next year, my purple pansies.

I met my two sisters, aka The Two Bridesmaids, for lunch.
And lovely gifts and cards:

Yep, spoilt!

The summer heat continues unabated -
it's been around 34 degrees C. in our suburb this week.

I made a cool shift dress in white linen with a pale yellow rose design:
It looks nice with the RPE White Jewels necklace
and my Vintage Yellow Beads from Paddington Antiques:

My favourite Art Gallery these days is the fridge door:

Presenting works by two famous 2-year-olds,
the Red Cardinal grandsons:

(a)  Gestural, Expressionist work in bright acrylics, with a dash of blue.
(b) Collage of new mode stickers, with emphasis on noisy vehicles and farm animals.

The Matisse Show starts at GoMA this weekend -
Can't wait...



  1. Happy Birthday Patricia!!!!
    Hip Hip Hooray.

    Glad I got these wishes in before midnight.
    Well done in sourcing lightweight gifts, it's not always easy. Clever you sewing another frock and boy don't we need cool barely nothing fabrics, this heat is awful.
    The grandsons artwork is sweet and certainly brightens up your fridge.

  2. Do hope the computer problems are sorted Patricia?

  3. Hi Annie,
    Ah, that's better - I can post comments on my own blog again. Phew.
    Thank you for asking. It's been enough to give me the vapours!