Sunday, November 20, 2011


My tiny tiny people are singing carols in their tiny tiny village,
after building a couple of snowmen -
yes, Christmas is just around the corner, readers.

The Nativity scene is out
(camels from Dubai airport - Christmas lovers
are ever on the shopping alert).

The Tree is up and I had a lot of fun ornamenting it.
Actually it is an ongoing process,
I am considering replacing the star,
and the tinsel .... hmmm..

Maybe I can squeeze on a few more ornaments,
as the fantastic Faux Fuchsia says, More is More!!

Princess Mary is lovely, isn't she?

After being smitten by her cool white with stunning hat, yesterday,
I am totally won over again by today's bright and pretty dress:

Isn't that the most divine print? Gorgeous ..

Princess Charlene is looking much happier,
and the body language with Prince Albert is improving out of sight:

Look at them, leaning in towards each other,
he with a protective arm around,
both with gentle smiles.
Could there be an announcement on the way????

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