Thursday, November 17, 2011


The tree decorating is going Full Steam Ahead ...
Isn't this little Irish Angel adorable, with her shamrock wings?

Totally appropriate, Red Cardinals in the snow.
Grandmaman in Ottawa gave me this pretty ornament.

From San Antonio, Texas:  The Alamo!
Yes, it's a real place, and the remains of the old fort
from the battle in 1836 are there for all to see.

What can be more Texan than Cowboy Santa,
from Neiman Marcus, Dallas?

Or more Philadelphian than the Liberty Bell, complete with crack?

The Japanese take on things can be quirky -
funny little cloissonne snowman.

Everyone loves the exquisite blue glass baubles from the German Christmas markets.

Of course,
"We'll Always Have Paris"

Au Revoir, and
Have a Lovely Weekend.

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