Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's nice to be back in Brisbane,
and see the city doing its November Jacarandering.
Who could ever tire of those beautiful bursts of gorgeous lavender?

And the Red Cardinal garden has not only survived, but thrived.

Unfortunately, not even my pretty maidenhair fern
can distract me from the Woes of Jetlag :(

Does anyone have a handy hint on how to deal with this
Wretched Malady?

Mr Cardinal had arranged flowers throughout the house -
He even remembered that I am partial to orange,
which made a lovely Welcome Home.


See this White Plumbago which has burst into Summer Bloom -
well, it is a Maternity Ward:
yesterday I discovered there is a mother bird sitting on a nest,
right in the middle of this flowery bower!

Fingers crossed for a successful delivery...
I love watching baby birds learn to fly.

Ever wondered what a Chickadee looks like?
Well, they are cute, tiny and fast,
black, white and grey.

But I never did see a real live Red Cardinal ..

So I'll just have to go back next year, won't I?


  1. I can't believe you are home already, it seemed to go quickly.
    Of course you must return next year to cuddle your little grandchild.
    Oh the dreaded jetlag. I need two weeks to recover before I make any sense whatsoever Patricia.
    Take it easy
    Annie xx

  2. Yes, time flies when having fun, as they say. You'd think I'd know after all these years that jetlag just takes time. I'm making no sense at the moment, but think a pedi and hair treatment might work a treat today.
    PS exciting to see you are packing, too.