Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Whenever we go a'travelling,
I try to buy a tree ornament as a souvenir.
Over the years, the collection has grown,
and each year, the Christmas tree has become a lovely reminder of
places we have visited and good times we have had.
This little wooden deer comes from the sweetest village,
 Bird-in-Hand, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
This area is well-known for its large Amish community
the the ornament was hand-crafted by an Amish wood-worker.
I love it, and look forward to bringing it out each year.

The National Gallery in London, one of the small number
of art museums world-wide, who are proud possessors of
a Sunflower painting by Van Gogh.
And they kindly sell little fabric Van Gogh Sunflower tree ornaments.
Thank you, National Gallery.

Nothing says Switzerland more than a cow-bell,
in traditional style and design.

It's been shockingly hot in Brisbane this week.
I like to think about Christmas in the Snow.

Somewhere like Quebec, staying in the Chateau overlooking the frozen
St. Lawrence seaway...

or possibly Pikes Peak, Colorado.

Finland would be nice and cool.

As would Santa Fe, New Mexico,
where I found this lovely Native American Angel
in soft white leather wings and robes.

To be continued ....
Back to the tree ornamentation..

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