Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Have you ever noticed this sculpture, the tympanum high above the entrance of Brisbane City Hall?
It was done by a woman in 1930, Brisbane's own Daphne Mayo.
Daphne was Australia's leading sculptor of the twentieth century, and she was about 35 when she undertook this amazing commission, entitled
The progress of civilisation in the state of Queensland.
The figure in the centre is the figure of the State, arms out to protect her people.
On the right, the explorers William Dampier and Captain James Cook, then figures representing the agricultural and pastoral industries holding a scythe and a ram,
and finally a book and palette: The Arts.
On the left side are colonists, with cattle, advancing upon
retreating indigenous people and native fauna -
yes, it makes us cringe now, but in the context of the 1930s,
it reflects the ideas of that time regarding the advancement of 'civilisation'.

In 1929-30 Daphne also carved a tympanum and stations of the cross for the
Church of the Holy Spirit, New Farm,
the church where the Red Cardinals were married, just 40 years ago.
(I was, of course, a Child Bride :)

There is a wonderful exhibition at Qld Art Gallery these days,
showcasing the life and work of Daphne Mayo, with many beautiful portrait sculptures,
as well as her medals and other awards.
She was a great friend of QAG, and established a fund to give works to the gallery in the early years.

This is a great show about one of Queensland's most successful women.

While we are in the 1930s, here is my Nostalgic Christmas display:

Most of these pieces came from op-shops.
I found the teapot in England, for 50p.

I found this bright bunch of candy canes at Spotlight today. 
Onto the Tree with them.
Someone spotted - shock horror - A Gap on my Christmas Tree!!!.
All gaps will be rectified without delay ...

Now that the summer heat has arrived -
in November, too (Not Fair!!)
I fear the Annual Injection of New Sandals is long overdue.

So these little Spanish Senoritas have come to live with me.

My red cardinals are doing their bit for

Bye now..

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