Saturday, November 26, 2011


Tree ornaments:
Bird in golden nest with glass flowers
Selfridges, London, 2004.

Here is my favourite cross-stitch. 
I did in years ago, but never get tired of it in the festive season
Of course, it evokes thoughts of
my family, scattered around the world.
Our grandson, the petite garcon, has his own small sled this year,
ready to enjoy the snow in a place which looks remarkably like the scene above.

I imagine Princess Mary is missing her 2 older children who stayed home in Denmark.

Didn't she look gorgeous at the last official function of her Aussie tour?
Perfectly elegant in a cool colour to beat the summer heat.

I'm thinking everyone in Queensland is eating something light and cool today,
in the hot weather.
But Not Us, because Person or Persons Unknown did not shut
the freezer door properly a day or two ago ....

So I have been throwing a lot of food away,
and making quite a large mixed grill with what could be saved:

Oh, well, I could cool off by staring at snowmen:

Agapanthus are such old stalwarts,
they bloom faithfully and prolifically every year,
in the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect:

Just to keep them on their toes,
we went out today and bought some tough-as-nails
 red Vinca and Celosia:

These should spice things up!!



  1. Oh dear..I've had that happen also with a freezer full of meat and let me tell you I was Not Happy Jan.
    I hope Fred realises he hit the jackpot with our Mary. Isn't she wonderful.
    Great minds Patricia I just mentioned Aggies too but I think the Garden of Neglect ones are far superior to mine!

  2. Hi Trish,

    I see the Red Cardinal is still flying. How did you get Blogger to put that column of photos down the right hand side?It looks really cool!


  3. Hi Annie,
    I'm glad the freezer debacle happens in other families, too!
    Mary sure is amazing and the perfect Aussie Princess these days. If Fred stepped out of line I think a whole nation would jump on him immediately :)

  4. Laurie, Go to Design on your dashboard, and on the RH side there are little boxes called Picture. Just click on them and import. Must check on your blog, too. Cheers.