Monday, October 10, 2011


Exciting news, everyone ...
The Red Cardinal is flying off to Canada to visit family
 in the very near future!!

Last time I flew to Ottawa, it looked like this:

It was actually quite fun trudging through the snow each day!
Especially when we found these to eat:

For the uninformed, the BeaverTail is a cinnamon and surgery,
deep fried, crunchy, paddle shaped, piping hot and totally delectable
snack, a distant relative of the donut.
Best consumed when outdoors in -20 degree temperatures,
walking in the snow or skating on the canal:

See this ice field with the car on it?  It is the Ottawa River,
and this is the departure point for the vehicular ferry during Summer.

People, we drove across the ice!
It is only 12 inches thick with the freezing river flowing beneath,
and it was cracking under the car's tyres.
It was heart-stoppingly terrifying to this little Aussie bird....

This time I'll be taking photos of scenes like this:

Attempts to pack a climate-smart and co-ordinating wardrobe,
within the 23kg limits:

Note: special Aussie products which must be taken to family.

Will this be the trip when I finally see a living Red Cardinal in flight?
Fingers Crossed...

Chirp soon!

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  1. How fabulous Patricia!
    Wishing you a wonderful trip and many happy hours with your family and especially a certain little grandchild.
    Oh and good luck packing. The red hat looks rather lovely.
    Annie xx