Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I must be getting accustomed to the North American lifestyle.
Yesterday we went to a huge suburban shopping mall,
not something I would normally do on holidays.

Always keen to try the local customs,
I went to the Cinnabun shop:

Reader, I ate it!
The most decadent, soft, mouthwatering giant bun you can imagine.

The coffee cups carried an interesting message:

Let Cinnabun be an inspiration,
and add frosting to your life!

Fortified by this treat, we perused some Ottawa fashion for the coming winter.
Signage was so discreet, it was not evident that there were Bargains To Be Found.
At four consecutive shops, items chosen turned out to be 50% less at the cash register!
It started to feel like some surreal dream...

No animals were harmed in the production of my faux-leather jacket.
With the snow fast approaching, noone wanted this bright bag,
perfect for the Queensland summer sunshine:

I'm thinking colour-blocking, are you?

Today I have been baking, as you do.
Pumpkin Muffins and Peanut Butter cookies;
When in Rome......

Still no sign of the red cardinal, but it is fun to watch the flocks of Canadian
Geese flying south for the winter.  One day I will get the camera out in time to film them.

Meantime, I found a fridge magnet and posed it in the window:

Au Revoir

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