Sunday, October 2, 2011


Despite the Gale Force Winds assaulting our city,
the Cardinals flew off to the Concert Hall last night,
giving my navy lace dress its first Public Appearance.
The fuchsia silk Pashmina came in handy - it is lined with black wool.
I sourced it from Emirates by cashing in some Skywards points
which were about to expire.  So it was free, right?

The Puccini Experience Gala Concert featured the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and seven local and international opera singers, performing arias from La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, Turandot and other Puccini operas.  Of course, we loved it, and I have been going about singing My Tiny Hand is Frozen all day today (and with this blustery wind blowing, that is not far from the truth!)

Been to Peppermint Stitches, too.
Isn't that the sweetest name for the sweetest shop?
I never leave empty handed:

Bought some fabric to add to this cushion I made today.
And a one-colour cross-stitch project,
for those little spare moments:

What few spring flowers survive in the garden, are going to disappear if the
Dreaded Westerly Wind doesn't stop soon.
Not to mention the unseasonal cold snap hereabouts.
Thank goodness for cheap supermarket flowers:

$8 snapdragons from Coles, at the end of their week-long Tour of Duty.

Some people have been watching Grand Finals this weekend.

But not this little hen...

Enjoy your week.


  1. I love your way with words Patricia.
    May I add my name to the list of hens who doesn't follow footy. Bless shop bought bunches of blooms, my house would be lost without them.
    Please show us the finished cross-stitch. My needlework box has several unfinished works, these days I blame my eyesight!

  2. Thanks Annie, I suspect there is quite a clutch of hens who ignore footy. Unfinished Objects (UFOs) are requisite in needlework boxes. Had to blame my eyesight for not buying the lovely linen suggested in the instructions, in favour of nice safe aida cloth, with holes already punched. Any cross-stitch which is actually finished, will be posted on blog!

  3. Oh me too Patricia, fine linen for cross stitch is Hard Yakka!