Saturday, October 29, 2011


The golden leaves continue to fall,
and it gets colder every day.

Minimums have gone from 6-8 deg C. to -6 degrees in two weeks.
Maximums hover around 4 deg.C.
There has been frost on the ground,
and grey snowy skies.
Fingers crossed for a dusting of snow for Halloween...

The petite garcon wears his koala hat when he is out and about:

and his Spiderman shoes, of course!

Everytime I come to North America,
I love to watch Live! with Regis and Kelly every morning.
The hilarious Regis Philbin has hosted this show since 1983.

Well, it seems I got here just in time to enjoy Regis' thick Bronx accent
and witty remarks one more time -
Regis has turned 80, and will retire on November 18th.
What a great career!

Speaking of TV, I have also caught up with Oprah's new OWN network.
There are quite a few interesting shows,
including Oprah's Life Lessons, where she recycles some of the best bits
from 25 years of Oprah - and fair enough too.

I met a fun sales assistant in an Ottawa boutique,
who had an interesting response when I said I was from Australia:
she started to talk about Hugh Jackman appearing on Oprah Down Under,
when he crashed into the stage lights!

Enjoy your weekend!

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