Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Houses and a bit of Wildlife

I love a French influence in architecture -
this church tower looks like the home of Rapunzel.

The houses in the neighbourhood are charming and interesting,
in a century-old and folksy way:

As Halloween approaches, I have been looking for the spooky ones.
These old houses have the appropriate air of creepy neglect:

Still on the hunt for wild life:
Apparently moose are really dangerous animals,
and when one recently appeared in a nearby town,
it was tranquillised and relocated (just like rogue crocodiles, it seems).

I'll have to settle for this sighting, I guess.

Today I saw a blue jay, much to my delight,
and it posed long enough for this shot:

They really are a most magnificent shade of blue.

Once or twice a day, a flock of Canadian geese fly overhead in an arrow formation,
honking and heading South for the Winter.
I walk around all day with camera in pocket, trying to
catch them in the 3 second window of opportunity - no luck so far.

And no luck in catching a red cardinal,
however a red bird was spotted at the Byward Market
investigating the gourmet delicacy known as a Beaver Tail:

Au Revoir

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing these fab photos Patricia, I just love a sticky-beak at peoples travels.
    Is that red bird you by any chance?
    And what becomes of all the unsold pumpkins I wonder?
    Keep having fun
    Annie xx