Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi/Bonjour, as the locals say.  I have made it to Ottawa, after a leisurely 3-day trip across the world.

Fall is absolutely beautiful and I can't stop taking photos of its golden gorgeousness:

I flew via Vancouver - and found some interesting Air Terminal Sculpture:

Rocks masquerading as luggage - bringing a smile to the travel weary!

View from the Airport Hotel window -
I love a snow-capped mountain peak glistening in the sunlight, don't you?

Pretty red apples dropped from the tree - small and unwanted!

The Other Grandmama made this hot ham and pineapple dish,
with a thick pineapple sauce accompaniment.
It was delicious!
I wonder did the pineapple come from Queensland?

It was Canadian Thanksgiving last week, and will be Halloween next week.
The house decorations are so cute and pretty:

I am told it is a rare thing to see a Red Cardinal flying about the place.
Like a lot of Australian native birds, I guess.
However, look at this letterbox:

Will I see a cardinal or a blue-jay today?
Fingers crossed...

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  1. So lovely to hear from you Patricia and even though I don't eat pork that ham dish looks delish!
    Looking forward to updates and pretty pics.
    Are you very tired from the journey?
    Annie xx