Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was sad to hear the lovely actress and Queensland celebrity,
Diane Cilento, died last week in Cairns.

She was a larger than life figure, and our State's first true Film Star,
back in the fifties.

She had the most amazing, arresting green eyes.
Here she is when she became famous in England in the early days.
My mother talked about her a lot, because Diane's
mother was a famous doctor, Lady Phyllis Cilento,
who wrote a column in the Courier Mail under the title Medical Mother.
I think she became Mum's only medical resource.

Anyway, in 1962 the glamourous Diane married Sean Connery,
back when he was James Bond.
Here they are chatting to Princess Margaret.
Later in the 60s they came to Brisbane to visit family,
and caused quite a sensation.

Here she is as a saucy wench in Tom Jones, with Albert Finney.

She played a beautiful Contessa in The Agony and The Ecstasy,
the story of Michelangelo.

Back in the 80s she returned to Queensland, and settled in the lush rainforest of the
far north, near Mossman, where she built Karnak Playhouse and
Rainforest Sanctuary.

I saw her only once, about ten years ago, when she received her
Centenary of Federation Medal.
She was still stunningly gorgeoous, surrounded by a circle of admirers,
and totally charismatic.

We'll miss you, Diane.

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  1. I was sad to hear of her passing also Patricia. Her life must have been truly fascinating and how utterly wonderful for you to see her in real life.