Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The other day I was visited by two beautiful, shy, Eastern Pale-headed Rosellas.
The photo doesn't do the left one justice as they are the most gorgeous shade of delicate mauve-blue, with yellow heads and a red triangle beneath.
They are very hard to photograph as they fly away at the slightest sound or movement. 
 I had to hide behind the curtains and slowly move the camera into a good viewpoint. 
 One click and they were gone.

Here is another image of one, found on Wikipaedia.

Perhaps they live near this creek, where I like to go walking.

Ducks are marching about;
Make Way for Ducklings .... Spring is coming.

Country House Rescue is on tonight. 
Fearless Ruth Watson, attempting to convince reluctant owners of beautiful but crumbling British stately homes that ruin can be avoided by making astute business decisions, and marketing their assets.
I love this show - Go Ruth!!

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  1. These are such lovely images. I love old country homes and don't get to spend enough time in them anymore because one generation is passing into the next.