Thursday, May 24, 2012


When I saw this photo I couldn't decide what to look at first:
the amazing Rococo tapestries and pink walls, the proud parents, or the gorgeous golden cradle ...

The baby in this fairytale setting is Princess Estelle of Sweden,
and her proud parents are
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

Victoria was pretty in pink, and I love her sweet hat.

Back in reality, we had our grandson, Little Aussie, here for the weekend.

His Dad rummaged in our storeroom, and found the old Lego from back when he was young.  A thorough wash, and we all had fun with it:

Genuine antique 80s Duplo Lego!

Mixed the old with the new Firemen Duplo set -
just like mixing it up fashion-wise ..

Made a bag for Lego storage -

and we are now the proud owners of a child's TV seat and a crazy car blanket.
Talk about rolling back the years ...

The winter chill is about to set upon us, brief tho it be.

My new Annual General fine wool sweater, with
obligatory flash of Hermes scarf.

In other exciting news, I have received another

Award, this one from the delightful Mrs Exeter, of the elegant English blog
Thank you so much dear Mrs E.
It continues to astonish and amaze me that anyone is interested in my blog, and this lovely lady was one of my very first Blog Crushes!
From time to time, in between glimpses of the beautiful life in rural England,
she reveals herself to be an excellent seamstress.
In fact she has inspired me to take to the sewing once more, after a very long absence.  Do pop over to her blog and Enjoy!!

May your week be Pinkly Perfect!!


  1. How lovely are the royal photos. I love the blog My Royals so much! It must have been really lovely having your family with you at the weekend and Duplo is fantastic; it is my number one gift for toddlers. Your scarf is just stunning and I am sure it will turn heads. You have inspired me to consider saving up for one myself xx

    1. Hi Fifi, yes the Swedish princess Christening takes some beating in the Royal stakes.
      Glad you like my scarf, it is leading a very social life these days. xx

  2. Lovely post Patricia, congratulations on your award..
    I saw photos in one of our local magazines with the prince royals of sweden with the baby and the cradle is something else.. its amazingly beautiful .. what craftmanship.
    Itsnt leggo just great. Thats the beauty of can be handed down.. Its the same with my grandchildren. Max has all of |Tom's leggo. Extra special that it was your son's.
    love the bed quilt and your top is super.
    I will send you a little sun and warmth.
    happy thursday ..

    1. Thank you Val, blogging is fun.
      Isn't that cradle beautiful, indeed!
      Glad to hear your grandchildren are also using the family lego, and that you like my quilt. It is one of my favourites, made with mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics which are gorgeous. please send a little Portugese sun, it is both wet and cold here. Enjoy your weekend. xx Patricia

  3. Thank you for your blush-makingly kind words, dear Patricia! I love Princess Victoria's outfit so much, and they both look so happy and proud!

    Oh that Lego is wonderful - I just can't resist Lego and love playing with it. Those little animals are really cute! Fun to have all the baby junk again! xxx

    1. You are welcome, dear Mrs E! Yes, the Swedish royals look so sweetly smitten with their new bub - lovely to see.
      We love being grandparents - it was worth the wait! xxx

  4. Hi, I just had to hop over on your site, and am happily surprised!
    You wrote a post about The Royal Christening in Sweden, our neighboring country, with whom we Finns have a love/hate affair ; ).
    We over here feel the Swedish Royals nearly our own. Crown Princess Victoria is very popular over here and she has made many visits to our country.
    And Estelle - she looks very much like her father, imo.
    I hope, that Victoria does not have to wait as long as Prince Charles to inherit the crown.

    You are lucky to be a grandmother. I remember those legos, though my daughter collected " My little ponies ", though at a bit older age.
    I have not saved their toys, only the lovely " Steiff " soft animal toys ( the button on the ear ). I like them so much myself too.

    It is difficult to think that you are heading towards winter over there. Luckily your´s is a short and mild one.

    It must be early Sunday over there by now. Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Mette, welcome to my little blog, and I'm glad I surprised you! I can imagine Princess Victoria being very popular, as she always looks so happy and alive. I thought that too - the baby looks like Papa..
      Oh Steiff bears and animals are beautiful; wonderful that you have some, and they will be loved all over again.
      Enjoy your Sunday too! x

  5. I have kept all my childrens Lego/Duplo, matchbox cars, books and the Barbie dolls for (hopefully one day but am not holding my breath) darling grandchildren. Some toys are far too precious to part with.
    Congrats on another award Patricia, Woo Hoo to you!
    The royal cradle is somewhat OTT but beautiful at the same time!

    1. There may be quite a lot of secret Lego hoarders around, methinks.
      Today I had a rummage in the Old Toy cupboard, and found - ta dum - the Miffy Books!! Can't wait to read them to Little Aus on his next visit.
      Thankyou, awards are fun! It encourages me to look at more blogs and keep working on mine.

  6. I had a shock when I saw your title, it's only our second summery day here ! Your photos are lovely ; there is nothing more important in life for a child than growing up in a caring, loving family ! xxx

    1. Hi Silver Bunny, glad you like my photos. There is obviously an antipodean climate thing happening because it is our second day of Very Cold weather here. It was almost zero degrees here this morning - I love it! xxx

  7. Almost 0 there? Wow, I didn't think if ever got that cold whee you are.
    That first image is so beautiful, what a colour palette, and lego - I haven't seen that for about 45 years!

  8. Our winter is short and sharp, Tabitha! Some winter days we go below freezing and have frost on the plants and on the car. No central heating - it is 8.00 am and only 7 deg inside our house this morning. Always warms up to about 20 in the middle of the day. It is the best season to grow flowers!