Thursday, May 17, 2012


The clear blue skies of Autumn are just heavenly ...

and a creek rippling over rocks and pepples is pretty special too.
I love my daily walks at this time of the year.

A special treat - from I to moi - arrived in the post today ...

A much-coveted Hermes scarf, in my favourite colours.
Just the thing to drape over my somewhat assymetrical decolletage!

At last, dear readers, I finished making the yellow shirt, after a kind friend came around and cut it out for me.
Sheer fabric is murder to sew.  Why don't I learn that?
I was unable to use my serger as the edge showed through the fabric,
so I had to make French seams and flat seams, and do quite a lot of hand stitching.  I daresay it was a good exercise in the basics of dressmaking, but it was very time-consuming, and by now I am so over it I am not particularly interested in wearing it!  Fickle woman that I am ...

It is just on a year since I went public with this blog,
and an interesting journey it has been.
Blogging has become quite an addiction - and, for me, a therapeutic way to count my blessings and focus on life's gentle pleasures.
I have loved communicating with other bloggers, particularly those from overseas - and am always thrilled to find a comment or two.

With just 20 followers, I like to think this is a Boutique Blog!

Excitement today: the delightful Valerie of Valerie's Own Sewing Blog
has given me a Leibster Award, for blogs with less than 200 followers:

Liebster is a German word meaning dearest.
Thank you Valerie, that is so sweet of you, and much appreciated!

The Award comes with rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
3. Copy and paste the blog award on to your blog
4. Nominate and pass on the award to FIVE other bloggers who have less than 200 followers
5. Let them know the happy tidings by posting on their blog

Now, I am not sure I can do all this, particularly making the links, but I am going to give it my best.
Not to push my luck I am going to nominate just two lovely blogs for a Liebster  Award:

1.  The Silver Bunny, who writes new blog with a French flavour which never fails to delight, The Silver Bunny

2.   Suzy of Rustic Vintage Country, who posts gorgeous photos of her rambles through the English countryside, and is a superb crafter too.

Do pop over and check out these lovely blogs - you won't be disappointed!

Hope the weekend is Excellent for you ...


  1. What an exciting package to have opened and the scarf is just gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend too x

    1. Thankyou Fifi - think I take the scarf out tomorrow :)

  2. I am so delighted you shouted yourself this beautiful scarf Patricia, you'll have fun wearing it for sure.
    A sewing medal should be awarded to you as well as a blog award for beating that sheer fabric into submission and I don't mind admitting it would have done my head in.
    Once upon a time I used to fret over the number of followers I had until a wise blog friend told me it is no indication of one's readers and this is so very true. The Red Cardinal blog is special and I love popping in to visit.
    Silver Bunny and Rustic Vintage are on my reading list and I find these lovely ladies thoroughly entertaining.
    Wishing you a fab weekend also Patricia.

    1. Thank you Annie - I am glad you pop in to visit, and as you say, you never know who else is popping in too.
      I'll take a sewing medal too for the shirt - let that be a lesson to me to keep away from the flimsy stuff!

  3. THANK YOU so much, Patricia, for having given me this award, the first ever, and congratulations on your yours ! I will be going through the procedure ASAP, but being no geek, it might take me a while ; don't worry though, it will be done ! I admire you for having sewn the shirt, I can "do nothing with my ten fingers" as we say in French and it is sometimes frustrating ! Also, we HAVE to see more of the scarf ! Did you offer it to yourself for a special occasion ?
    Again, a heartfelt thank you from France ! xx

    1. Hi Silver Bunny, glad you like the award, and your blog is great.
      The scarf was more of a consolation prize for myself, as I had major surgery recently. You can read about it in my March post called "Think Pink - Choices". I think I will wear it all weekend, I love it so much. xx

  4. Congratulations Patricia,
    Nice to know your blog is appreciated. I enjoy passing by.
    We do make nice blogging friends.. I know i have, and it can be very addictive.. but thats good.
    I love your gift to yourself.. its lovely and your yellow blouse too. you will use it well i am sure. great that you are moving around and doing more now.
    happy weekend

  5. Hello Val, it agree, it is lovely to make nice friends blogging. My husband has a business blog and is very cautious because people make nasty comments and try to do mischief to business blogs, so he tells me. Such a shame. Glad you like the blouse, and my special scarf. I will feel pretty today. happy weekend to you and hope the roses continue to bloom xxx

  6. Congratulations to you and Thank You from me. Been a bit busy recently so only just got around to this and I shall be doing my part soon after catching up on things. Thanks again. x