Friday, May 4, 2012


The warm and wet weather of the past several months has apparently provided optimum conditions for an invasion of ants.  Trails of  tiny creatures have gradually encircled the house, thousands of tiny feet endlessly going about their business, up and down, round and round.  Because of my recent medical concerns, I was most reluctant to spray or use any insecticides, let alone call in a pest exterminator. Then the little guys decided to come inside.  Just a few in the bathroom at first, followed by an invasion of the sewing room - a long trail encircling my cutting table.  A few days ago, I found them in the pantry, wandering about, looking for anything unsealed.  That did it!  Enough is enough!  I called our friendly local pest guru. 

Today a nice young man arrived, sprayed the outside of the house, and installed some interesting "honey" traps in pantry and sewing room.  Ant consternation has been the order of the afternoon.  The forces are being decimated, their lines of attack interrupted, and piles of dead-uns began to build near the traps. 

We went out for a few hours, and on return were surprised to find the dead had been removed, and the lines of ants almost vanished.  I give up: where did they go? and what happened to the bodies?? 

It's all full-blown excitement in the Red Cardinal nest!!

Remember the Monet-esque bouquet which came weeks ago?
These carnations were part of it, and are still going strong.
Amazing resilience, particularly with all those ants on the prowl ...

It is 5 weeks today since my surgery, and while still a bit sore and sorry,
(particularly from Heavy Duty Massage inflicted by enthusiastic Physiotherapist), I am keen to get back to normal living.
Like driving, and wearing my preferred clothing.

I googled "post-mastectomy fashion" for inspiration, but all I found was information on bras and swimsuits.
For the moment, I have to wear a post-surgery bra with a soft breast form filled with toy/cushion filling.  Which pops upwards in a perky fashion entirely at odds with my age and the other side.

The temporary solution seems to lie in concealment.
Trailing scarves are being flung about with abandon,
 and I bought this this one at Sportsgirl:

Made an apple cake for the weekend:

Hope yours is a good one!


  1. Oh I spied those lorikeets below, I just love the look of these birds they are so so exotic, I want one.

    Someone close to me had a double mastectomy, getting back to driving and reaching and bending felt amazing to her, it's so hard to keep your arms down all of the time. We did have fun with all of the boob options, she eventually opted for lat dorsi reconstruction, it's quite incredible work.

    Hope you continue to heal smoothly.

    1. I could send you a couple of lorikeets, there are plenty here!
      omg, a double would be excruciating, poor lady. I looked up lat dorsi - at first I said absolutely no reconstruction, but am weakening already. Maybe next year?
      Thank you for your good wishes.

  2. Ants are just amazing aren't they? Except when they want to move in and take over.
    Thank you for sharing how you are going with your recovery. Scarves and cardi-wrap knit jackets do seem to be the way to go.

    1. Amazing Ants are coming and going, clearly having trouble interpreting the honey traps. We think they are having secret funerals somewhere in the ceiling or the walls!
      Yep, scarves and cardis and no more fussing about - you are right. Perfect in this cooler weather.

  3. Ants come and go. The little small ones you had, love to invade houses. We had lots in Africa. we used to leave a saucer of sugar. But eventually like yourself we had to put special stuff down.
    Dear Patricia,
    Once you have a good fitting bra.. you will be able to wear normal clothes. You will see.. all will be back to normal. I am glad to hear you are coming along well.
    Your cake looks delicious
    happy weekend

    1. Thank you Val, in a few weeks I will go to the special bra shop; looking forward to it. You have lifted my slightly sagging spirits saying all will be normal. Fingers crossed :)
      And the cake is delicious, and we enjoyed sharing it today.