Sunday, May 20, 2012


I bet the Queen is having the best time, celebrating her Jubilee.
This week the sovereigns of the world have been in London to join the fun.
I must confess to a lifelong soft spot for pale pink, and loved the look
on Kate and Charlene.  Both looked gorgeous  ..

Here they are chatting at lunch, when Charlene sported a new short haircut and pretty pale turquoise.

Here is the Queen surrounded by all the monarchs at Windsor Castle.
The little girl in me wishes they had all worn crowns!
I have no idea who most of them are, but I did think the Emperor and Empress of Japan looked particularly endearing at the evening function:

I still recognise the exiled King Constantine of Greece and his wife Queen Anne-Marie,
who have lived in London these past 40 plus years.

If they weren't exhausted by the official lunch and dinner,
they joined the Queen for a Military Parade and Muster at Windsor.
Uniforms and Medals were the order of the day.
Isn't Her Majesty amazing? 
She looks fresh as a daisy despite having the Mother of All House Parties!

Wonder what we will see this week ...


  1. Even though the Queen has oodles of help with this house party to end all house parties no doubt the schedule would be exhausting for most people of a younger age so I give her a resounding thumbs up for staying the distance.
    Lovely post Patricia and I'm keen to read about more Jubilee shenanigans here at Red Cardinal because you write with such admiration for the Royal family which is delightful.

    1. Thanks Annie, it is great fun watching and summing up the Junilee shenanigans as you so aptly name them. I think my interest goes right back to childhood when my mother had me making scrapbooks on the Royals, especially the Australian tours. From memory, the focus was largely on the fashions - some things never change! xx

  2. I can not imagine doing the same job for sixty years, let alone doing it that well. Do you think Charles will succeed her anytime soon?

    1. Sixty years is a long time, Valerie, isn't it? Have you seen the shaky old films of Queen Victoria on her 60 Jubilee - she looked so old! although she would have been younger than the present Queen by almost a decade! The Queen is going wonderfully well.

  3. Its so exciting isn't it, and doesn't Charlene look lovely? I hope she had a good time!

    We watched the Armed Forces Tribute on tv and the Queen was amazing, clapping and smiling as the aircraft flew over - I think she is genuinely enjoying these celebrations, Prince Philip too! xxx

  4. Oh, that would have been fun, watching it on TV. Certainly in the still photos the Queen appears to be immensely enjoying the celebrations.
    I'm sure Charlene had a good time; she looks much happier and more relaxed these days. xxx

  5. Dear Patricia,
    You have had more coverage than we have had here. What great photos and you have really done a wonderful post of it all. I love the Queen and all the Royal's..
    She will be in her element the whole of now and next month. I would love to have been in London.
    thank you most enjoyable.
    happy tuesday

    1. I love the pageantry of it all, in a light-hearted way of course. It is great fun to watch and the British do it so well. Who else could bring all the sovereigns of the world together for the weekend?
      It would be fun to be there in London too, wouldn't it? xx

  6. Even though the French are staunch republicans, I love them all and I was particularly impressed by Charlene's new look ; lovely pink dresses ! S.B.

    1. Hi S.B., Charlene is incredibly stylish, isn't she? I think Albert has been looking for a girl like Mum for a very long time!
      Most Australians have republican tendencies too, but we all enjoy the Royal events and visits. There is something a little bit magical about it all.

  7. Hello, dear Patricia - me again. I have nominated you for an award over at my blog. xxx