Monday, May 28, 2012


We live in one of Brisbane's colder suburbs, which I love in all kinds of ways.
As our winter can be a short affair, lasting a matter of weeks, we love to light a fire when we can.
After the long months of Summer, on Saturday we had our first touch of this fleeting cold, with morning temperature around 0 degrees.
Mr C swung into action with the axe, chopping kindling and selecting perfect little logs.
Serious business, when some years we only light the fire two or three times!

We toasted our toes and watched a movie:

We love a bit of Woody Allen,
and this is such fun.  I saw it on the plane in Canada last October and even under such trying circumstances, loved it to bits.
Of course, the Cardinals played the old "Been there" game with this one...

Ah Paris - never get sick of it ...

Who put flannelette sheets on the bed today?
That would be moi!



  1. I only said to my husband on the weekend as we cranked up the air-con heat how I miss the fireplace in our old farmhouse which was in an area that's another cold spot in Brisbane!
    Midnight in Paris is a lovely film but I love all of Woody's efforts. And the Been There game is one my family play and funnily enough Mrs Exeter and I play it sometimes on twitter. Fun times.
    Paris is on all our minds...I shall dream on.
    Beautiful photos Patricia

  2. Yes, lovely photos and I long for a wood burner for the colder days which are a memory at the moment as it's lovely and warm. x

    1. Glad you like the Paris pics! Sad to relate, we usually only have a fire on nights which are both Very Cold and Saturday or Sunday. Which can be a rare coincidence here :)

  3. Lighting the first fire of winter is such a lovely thing to do - the familiar scent of smoke and burning wood, the comforting crackle of the flames, early evenings and hot soup - of course we get absolutely sick of it all after five dreary months. Not your problem - enjoy!

    1. Enjoy we do - it is quite the treat for us! We only need to heat up after dark, so during the week it is the boring air-con. Fires are for special nights!

  4. You are entering winter, and we are entering summer. And so the wheel goes around.
    This is a lovely post Patricia.
    Nothing better than a nice fire and a good movie.
    I was last in Paris , many many years ago. Its a beautiful city.
    nice to dream once in a while and remember the places we have visited.
    have a happy tuesday
    val x

    1. Hi Val, so true, nice to dream of Paris! but when one travels, nice to dream of home, too!
      Will watch your summer with interest.
      Patricia xx