Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Look at Kate - Fantastic Princess with ladylike Glamour to the Max!
I bet William is bursting with pride these days.

Meanwhile, life is chugging along here at the Red Cardinal nest.

Bought some Goji Berries, rich in anti-oxidents ...

made wholemeal scones with them -
not bad with  St.Dalfour Black Cherry 100% Spreadable Fruit..

Been shopping ....

See what arrived in today's Mail:

Two new patterns from Vogue's latest collection.
Sorry Vogue Australia, I just can't wait another season to have them.
Purchased online, direct from the old U.S. of A.
I live in hope of making and wearing these two, asap!

And yes, I have started to sew again after a friend kindly cut out my yellow shirt.  Almost finished and ready for show and tell.
Even better, have driven around the block twice,
and the arm, while stiff, does not cause much of a problem.
Will stick to local, short trips for a while.


Mother's Day Sunday - wonder if something fun will happen for me?
Be Good ...


  1. How can I have never made scones? I love the idea of whole meal ones.
    Oh Kate looked sublime last night, that's my kind of dress.

    Oh and just spotted the red cardinal Yule log - love it!

    1. Who needs scones in the Land of Shortbread???
      Kate the Sublime indeed. That dress would look good at the Opera, methinks...

      PS Glad you like the Yule log - found those tiny cardinals in Ottawa.

  2. Cool patterns and so pleased to hear you've been able to drive a bit and done some sewing - it must be great to be making progress. Kate did look amazing, didn't she! Hope you have a lovely Mothers Day! xxx

    1. Thank you Mrs E. - the light at the end of the tunnel is now winking at me. Goody.

      Is it Mothers Day in England too? If not, have a happy Australian Mothers Day anyway xxx

  3. And to think Wills nearly let Kate get away..Unthinkable!
    I shall look forward to seeing a visual of these sewing projects Patricia. The cushion is lovely, isn't it a thrill to find one which fits perfectly in one's abode.
    You must feel wonderful experiencing some freedom even if it's only in small doses.
    Wishing you a fabulous Mother's Day

    1. Unthinkable Indeed Annie! Wills has Perfect Princess and Hollyward Glamour all in one little package!
      Glad you like the cushion .. perfect fit here.
      Small doses of freedom in my favourite Autumn season. Lovely :) Driving to the local shops All By Myself today. Wild!
      And the bestest lovely Mother's Day to you too!

  4. Dear Patricia,
    What wonderful news. How exciting for you. A new woman emerges! shops, and all that.
    As for sewing. Isnt that just great. I am looking forward to seeing your yellow top.
    You have had a great outlook through your bad time.. good vibes.. thats what is helping you. Kate and William look so so happy. I love them both. She will become Queen of England when he becomes King. (sky news today)

    you have been in my prayers.
    Very happy post Patricia.
    wishing you a wonderful happy Thursday
    val x x x

  5. Dear Val, Thank you for your kindness, and your prayers. I know that the good wishes, kind thoughts and prayers of many people have blessed me through my illness, and I am truly grateful. I do feel happy and upbeat even tho still have medical issues. One reason is Mr C and I survived a head-on car collision exactly one year before my mastectomy, when a truck suddenly crossed the centre of the road and crashed into us. I believed I would die in that instant, and to have come through 2 bad times medically in one year makes me a very cheerful girl :)

  6. Patricia I am glad you are well enough to sew .. and drive! It must feel so good.
    HRH Kate looks lovely in anything. I'd been racking my brain to think who she reminded me of. Do you remember when Prince Andrew was courting a young lady called Koo Stark? That's who!

    1. Oooooh, Valerie! Yes, I do remember Koo Stark. You are right - same dark haired, doe eyed, beauty! You win the Best Memory Award of the day!