Saturday, May 5, 2012


My dear friend J arrived with this great Paris-themed box - love it!
Great Box, thinks I, immediately considering it as a home for scarves, necklaces or other goodies.
But there was more:

The pretty box contained a whole range of Sukin skin care products!
All Australian, natural, chemical free, and never tested on animals.  Win! Win!
I had mentioned that I was considering how I could reduce the carcinogens in my environment, and J ran with the challenge. 
I am having a lovely time testing them all - Spoilt! Big Time ...

Mr Cardinal and I visited the Woolloongabba Antique Centre ...
and another bird has come home to our nest.
Mr C wonders if the lorikeets will fly into the house to say hello - mmm... 

As you do, we spent considerable time spotting antique objects identical to those remembered from our family homes.
Which started me thinking about the precious things we have inherited, still use, and treasure:

This beautiful table cloth belonged to my mother. 
Queen of my cloth collection.

Mr Cardinal's Mum owned this large crotchet rug,
still in favour and still in use at our place ...

Mum gave me this teaset when I was married. 
It belonged to her mother, so goes Way Back!
Rarely used, but greatly loved ..

How sweet is the little apple blossom Shelley dish.
I have loved it since childhood, and will treasure it forever!

Do you have special items handed down the generations,
and still in use?

May your week be filled with roses :)


  1. Hi Patricia, Thanks for the visit. I'm a retired grandmother too!

    1. Hi Deb, welcome to my blog. Aren't grandchildren the best thing??

  2. Dear Patricia,
    What a lovely post. A fantastic thoughtful gift , from your friend. Enjoy them all.

    I love your old vintage handowns from your mum, they are all lovely. I do like the shelly plate.
    How nice for another bird to be there. Here people keep exotic birds in cages..its sad.

    I have a royal albert tea set, that my mum gave me years ago.. its about 40 yrs old.
    I use it for a special occasion.
    nice post Rosemary. send you wishes for good health and a day full of roses from my garden to you.

    1. Hi Val, I have a few royal albert pieces too - a whole tea set would be lovely indeed. Very special. Thank you for the roses - yours are spectacular! P

  3. I'm back, with a mountain of washing I can't jump over but wanted to call in and say Hi Patricia.
    As always a beautiful post P and the new member of the Red Cardinal abode is very sweet.

    1. Welcome home Annie - hope you had a great time!
      That mountain of washing after a trip: know it well! You don't feel back to normal until it is all done and put away.
      PS glad you like the yellow birdie ..