Sunday, March 11, 2012


First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
two strong and interesting women,
presented International Women of Courage Awards to 10 women who have shown exceptional courage and leadership as advocates for Womens rights and empowerment
on International Womens Day this week.

My efforts are very slight, but I do like the cushion I embroidered for the day a few years ago:
Women Can Do Anything.

Little Aussie visited - Bliss!

Swimming with his Dad in "Pa Pa's'' Pool,
he said he wanted to go on the Rainbow!
It took a while, but we realised he meant this section with the curved steps going into the pool.
Isn't that adorable?
The child has the mind and soul of a poet!
(blindly biassed grannie speaking here..)

Princess Charlene of Monaco is visiting our shores.
She opened a wonderful Exhibition at the Bendigo, Victoria, Art Gallery:
"Grace Kelly: Style Icon"
direct from the V&A Museum, London.
Featuring 100 items belonging to her late mother-in-law Princess Grace of Monaco,
the exhibition includes costumes from Alfred Hitchcock's film Rear Window, and haute couture from Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Givenchy.  Sigh....
I would so love to go to see it!
The exhibition runs from 11 March to 17 June.
What a coup for a regional Art Gallery! 

Younger Son and Delightful Daughter-in-law called in to socialise with nephew Little Aussie.
And they brought lunch:

A beautiful salad, and a variety of individual quiches from
Jocelyn's Provisions.

I hope the coming week is excellent for you xx


  1. Red Cardinal has a new face and it looks fabulous Patricia.
    The exhibition would be so interesting and if it made it's way to Brisbane I would be there in a flash. Princess Charlene does look lovely and I hope she enjoys her stay on our shores.
    Little Aussie sounds like an intelligent child. Don't you just adore the beautiful imaginations young children possess.

  2. Why, thank you Annie - it took a visit from talented son to finally get rid of the green background template :) We tried various little ideas, but could not manage to insert a photo in the header as you have on your blog. Gave up and put the red bird over at the side... I will keep working on it.
    Charlene does look lovely, doesn't she? Looking forward to her interview with Lisa Wilkinson on Today Show, tomorrow xx

  3. My new background only got up there Patricia due to my son giving his dear Mum an IT helping hand because try as I might I couldn't reduce the photo properly. What would we do without our clever kids?

  4. Those quiches look delicious. I might need to head to JP soon. I would love to go to that exhibition and think Princess Charlene is doing a terrific job.

    1. Hi Fifi, welcome to the Red Cardinal blog. Yes the quiches were totally delicious - I will be heading back there soon myself. I see Princess Charlene have gone on to Shanghai doing solo princess things - lovely girl!