Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love this photo - the Queen and Kate happily watching a fashion parade in Leicester.
They are both so animated and looking lovely.
I can't claim to have met Her Majesty, but about 30 years ago I stood right beside someone who was introduced to her on a red carpet at a Civic Reception at City Hall, Brisbane.
The Queen wore this same shade of bright fuschia pink that day, with black accessories,
and a similarly large diamond brooch.
I was so close that while she spoke to my neighbour, I could admire her flawless complexion,
the magnificence of the diamonds, and the exquisite workmanship of her outfit.
Coincidentally, I also wore fuschia pink that day: one of those Diana dresses with a fine pleated piecrust collar, drop waist and fine pleated skirt.  With matching fuschia bag and shoes, and a little black hat.
As you do.
I hope Her Majesty appreciated my serendipitous matching efforts!

Stunning hat on Kate.  My little black hat was similar in shape and style -
and worth but a tiny fraction of this beautiful one. 
When a style is good,it is timeless.

The bright clear skies of Autumn, my favourite season,
have started to appear.

This area is where I hang the washing -
my mini tropical garden.

Have a delightful weekend, everybody!


  1. My gut feeling is the Queen is extremely happy with Kate and who can blame her. Kate is blending into the 'firm' seamlessly and I read recently how the Queen will mentor her unlike past Princesses.
    I too, love the photo of our beaming Queen.
    Were you tempted to reach out and touch her thirty years ago? Of course it was a no-no but..

    Autumn is a fave with moi too Patricia...bring it on!

  2. Oh, so agree Kate is blending in very well, and how interesting that the Queen will mentor her. Lessons learnt, it seems.
    And yes, Incredibly Tempted to touch her, or at least the vast diamonds in the brooch. In fact, I was aware I was staring at her rather rudely, as we were inches apart, but I could not help myself :) Once in a lifetime, I guess.

  3. I had a similar experience of being close to the Queen while she spoke to someone - good job it wasn't me, I was completely star struck and I know I wouldn't have been able to utter a word. I love the Queen so much! I admire Kate too - she really seems to grasp what her job is about and is prepared to work hard to do it well. Love them both to bits - oh, and also your fab egg cup - Easter things are so cute! xxx

    1. Yes, star struck is what happens to us indeed! The man the Queen spoke to beside me was reduced to fumbled utterances such was overwhelming power of her beautiful smile and presence. Isn't she magnificent for 85?