Friday, March 2, 2012


This week Michelle marched the red carpet in another delicious cobalt blue gown ...

and I finished my blue linen shift dress!

In the end I kept it plain and simple, with triple-stitch topstitching on neck, sleeves and hem,

and a touch of luxury in the lace edged lining.

Now for the fun part:

Accessorising - with RPE necklaces, chain store earrings,
or my birdie brooch from the Qld Art Gallery Shop:

Three royal ladies in shades of blue, who choose to go shopping for their first combined appearance.
Just like regular women!
 The Queen, Camilla and Kate  at Fortnam & Masons in Piccadilly.
All three wore lovely outfits, in their own special styles.

Gratuitous shot in Fortnam and Masons taken on our January 2010 visit ...

My Maud Lewis naive art Canadian calendar says March is the month for fat yellow birds and pink flowers!
Not quite consistent with the current snowfalls as shown in my previous post, but a sign of the Spring I think my daughter and grandson are eagerly awaiting.

It was so hot here today, 33 deg. C.  Send some cold over to Qld!

Hope your weekend is special ..


  1. Patricia you are a marvel whipping up these beautiful creations. This blue is gorgeous and I so wish it suited me. What fun you will have with accessories.
    Today is a tad cooler thank goodness. Our southern neighbours are doing it tough with floods, our weather has gone beserk.

    1. Why thank you Annie; I seem to be getting my sewing groove back. Cut out another little number yesterday, and hope to stitch it up over the weekend.
      Amen to the cooler weather - while we can do without those awful floods, the cooling rain is a delight!

  2. Hi Trish

    Give the birdie brooch the first go! I love it. Line all the other options up for their turns later. You will just have to go out a lot...Dress looks great.


    1. Hi Joy, Welcome to my little bloggie!
      OK - birdie brooch it is - possibly today :)