Monday, March 5, 2012


Had lunch with my girlfriends at GoMA,
 in the cafe attached to the lovely
Matisse: Drawing Life exhibition which finished yesterday...
Wasn't the drawing room for local artists just gorgeous?

Ladies, there is a veritable feast of art by and about women on its way to Brisbane:
Exclusive to the Qld Art Gallery,
Modern Woman: Daughters and lovers 1850-1918
is coming direct from the Musee D'Orsay in Paris.
Degas, Renoir, Manet, Cassatt, Rodin, Bonnard, Morisot:
lots of the most famous Impressionist artists will be represented!

The excitement starts on 24 March, thru to 24 June!

Here is another preview peek:

Woman in blue, Eugene Boudin.

Mr Red Cardinal and I enjoyed a night of Strauss, Mozart and Janacek,
with our lovely Queensland Symphony Orchestra -
mmmmmm, blissful!

On Sunday we took 91-year-old Grandpa to lunch on Tamborine Mountain;
he loves the rainforest so much!
He always enjoys a bit of antique fossicking -
which comes in handy because lookee what I found for $8.00:

A fantastic long string of vintage, facetted beads in a great retro green - Bargain!!

Our daughter saw these Easter festive crackers in Ottawa:

Pretty in pastel; has anyone seen them in Australia?
I wonder if they will come here too.

Have a great week ....


  1. Easter Festive crackers... first time I've ever heard about them Patricia. Now I'm intigued, I assume there is a small trinket inside?
    How wonderful to take Grandpa out for the day and I bet he had a ball. Great bargain hunting on your part, the necklace was a great find. The op shops here in town are getting ridiculously expensive.

  2. I'm intrigued too, Annie, so have asked dear daughter to send me a box of those Easter crackers - perhaps they will be a Brissie exclusive!
    So true re prices in op shops in town these days - I could hardly contain myself when I saw the $8 tag on the green bead - bargain.

  3. Never seen Easter crackers before - but they seem like a good idea! I love your green necklace so much - it would look wonderful over an orange or apricot sweater - but you're a long way from sweater weather yet, as your pretty roses attest. The QSO programme sounds good - I like a bit of Janaceck to spice things up, and you can never go wrong with Mozart. And the exhibition looks fab - what a mammoth undertaking it must be to ship these works half way around the world. Imagine the insurance EEEK!!! xxx

  4. So true - we loved the Janaceck Sinfonietta at the end of the evening, going home on a suitably high note. Mmmm, thinking of the green necklace on orange - delicious!
    You know, we often speak among ourselves at the gallery about the insurance on the wonderful chain of exhibitions from Paris that have come over the past few must be worthwhile however, because the paying public always come in extraordinary numbers to see them. A mammoth show arrives in June from the Prado, Spain - exciting!!