Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Three Sisters by Henri Matisse
My two sisters came to visit me today. 
I feel so lucky that there are three of us, to share the ups and downs of life.  We three sisters are always there for each other, through family celebrations, crises, and  everything in between. 
We have been brides and bridesmaids together, held each other's newborns, and walked together in procession at our mother's funeral.
Sister have a very special bond.

Which is often celebrated in a way involving coffee and cake:

This French themed 100% cotton fabric is Tres Chic by Waverly,
purchased a while back from the wonderful Fabrictraders online store
(via Beach Vintage blog).

I purchased a dress length,  spent a few weeks pondering a design,
and decided on a black linen yoke with boat neckline, front and back, and plain black 3/4 sleeves.

I began by making a copy of my basic shift dress pattern, altering the neckline to a higher and wider shape.
Leftover Christmas wrapping on a long roll came in handy.

I cut out the dress front and back in Tres Chic,

then I cut off the tops of the patterns so they became yoke patterns!
I cut these out in black linen.
After a bit more contemplation, I pinned and stitched the dress shoulder seams to the outside instead of inwards:

I joined the front and back yokes at the shoulder and pressed the seams flat.

Next I pinned the yoke to the inside of the dress, sewed round the neck, and turned it to the outside, over the exposed shoulder seams, which are now neatly enclosed:

Pressed it carefully, turned under a small hem on the straight edges of the yoke, and stitched it flat through all thicknesses.

Only the zip, side seams and sleeves to go.
I think Tres Chic and I will be Very Happy together.

Isn't it Wet!!!

Take care, everyone.


  1. So happy you had a lovely coffee with your sisters - did you get on so well when you were little? The dress looks beautiful - what lovely fabric - I can't wait for the big reveal! Stay out of the rain! xxx

    1. Mmmmm, yes, we played together all the time, elaborate games involving dressups and play-acting, as I recall. So we must have got on well!
      Hope to reveal Tres Chic dress this week!