Monday, June 20, 2011


The First Bloom opened today, on my Mary McKillop rose bush -
and only ten weeks since I planted it!!  Well done, Mary.
I'll be speaking to the other roses nearby, who are Under Performing this year.

Mary came into our lives after The Accident in April.
As our bodies slowly repair on our journey of recovery,
 I like to think of Mary as a sign of  new growth and regeneration.

In a burst of creativity, I produced a cushion over the weekend.
Just love this stunning cockatoo fabric from Beach Vintage.

This blue glass bowl is back in favour, after years languishing in a back cupboard.
Its Time Has Come!
I found a blue wren to keep it company.
The bowl was a wedding gift, one of the few to survive.
We have been married nearly 40 years .... I know, I can't believe it either!

Practising to be a bride - my First Communion Day.

Getting cold here - might have a fire tonight...

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