Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter gardens

Two King Parrots came to visit our bird feeder this week.  Aren't they gorgeous?
Very skittish and shy, though ....
they flew off at the click of the camera, poor dears.

Since The Accident, we have been living on fresh air, or to be more precise, Very Cold Air this week.
I decided a bit of domestic agriculture was required, and planted these tomato seedlings in tubs on the deck.
Much excitement today, as two of them are sprouting little yellow flowers -
baby tomatos in the making :)

The sweet peas are coming along nicely, too.
I planted some quick-flowering lobelia in there to give them the idea.

I made Pumpkin and Basil soup last night.  It's that kind of weather. 
You have to find warmth where you can in Brisbane, where we do it tough without central heating. 
 It was 0 degrees here on one recent morning.
Flannelette sheets, anyone?

Not a frog - that's a large leaf from our trusty Basil Bush.

Queen's birthday holiday today -
Happy Birthday Your Majesty

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