Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rocket scientist to the rescue

Father bird is recovering well from his post-accident surgery,
 learning to rise from his wheelchair and use crutches to get around.
Hence, when our son, Rocket Scientist, visited the other day, the following conversation ensued:

Mother Bird:        If I bribe you with food, would you mind doing some jobs, on this little list??
                             Could you bring up the old armchairs from downstairs, and put them back in front of the
                             television/fireplace, as your father doesn't need to use the wheelchair here anymore?

Rocket Scientist:    Would that be the chairs I told you were really bad for your posture?

Father & Mother Bird:   But we love them.  They are sooooo comfortable.  (Chairs duly brought back).

Mother Bird:           The speakers on my computer don't work.  I can't skype with adorable grandchild
                                living in Foreign Country.

Rocket Scientist:      Your speakers are not plugged in.  Why don't you plug the speakers in here?
                                (Attempts to remove lead hanging from front of hard drive).

Mother Bird:            But that is the one I use to download photos.  If you take it out, I can't find the hole
                                to put it back in.

Rocket Scientist rolls eyes, gouges out another hole or something, and inserts speaker cord in computer.
Computer now says "I'm outta here"  when I close it down.................interesting....

Mother Bird:           Just one more thing - there is a can of peaches stuck under the driver's seat in my car.
                               Could you just extract it for me?

Rocket Scientist:     What the??????????

Mother Bird:           Well, there was the wheelchair in the back, and I had the shopping......... never mind..

Rocket Scientist loses interest in this story, rolls eyes again, and is back in a flash bearing tin of peaches.

Mother Bird:             Would you like a nice salad roll for lunch??

Rocket Scientist:      Gotta go now - (beats hasty retreat with handful of biscuits grabbed from pantry).

Can we blame him?

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