Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Last week I returned to the house of my childhood, where I lived until I was sixteen.  It has been a rental property for a long time, and will be sold as part of my father's estate. It was recently the first anniversary of his passing - how time flies...

My parents built the house as their family grew, eventually having six children.
I was amazed to see the same bench-tops were still in the old kitchen.
My mother chose this design, and I remember it was called 'Parasol'..
Grey was chic then, as it is again now.
I stood in my old bedroom, and one wall is still painted in the same pale pink/lilac shade I chose for myself all those years ago, the little room where I studied for those high school exams...

I had forgotten the light switches - quite Art Deco in style..

Our Garden of Neglect surprised me with a pink gerbera -
well done...considering we did not even plant it there...

Bought myself a little reward gift from Lady Chatterley's Affair.
Her earrings are spectacular - I love the idea of a different posy for each ear..
If you would like to see her cute jewellery and homewares, look at

My 'prize' was for achieving the five-year mark as a cancer survivor, and I have 'graduated' from my oncologist/surgeon.  Of course, any worries and I can go back at any time.  It is a good milestone, and I am very grateful to be alive and in good health.

You knew I'd love Kate's rose pink dress and hat, didn't you?

Look at HM making eye contact with little Prince George.

She is amazing for 91, chic in pale blue..

Loved this white lace and frothy hat for Ascot too.

Such sad times in the UK, particularly London.  The world is in shock, but they carry on bringing some happiness and joy in dark times.

One would need nerves of steel, hoping nothing will go wrong.

Children's Art Centre, GoMA
We Cardinals have been enjoying 'Genius', the biography of Albert Einstein on National Geographic.

The series stars Queensland's own Geoffrey Rush brilliantly playing the mature Einstein...

I never studied science at school, more is the pity, and certainly could not explain the Theory of Relativity - but at least I am learning a few things.
I have downloaded the book onto my Kindle and am enjoying that too.

Have you seen it?



  1. Hi Patricia, that is such wonderful news about your graduation from oncology care. You must feel so good. I'm really happy for you. Take care.

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes, it is a milestone I am pleased to have reached. So important to take care of one's health. Happy Summer days to you.

  2. I think visiting your old home would be somewhat unsettling. I often look up my old homes on the realty network to see if they are up for sale though ... I don't think I could pass up on an open house even if it did unsettle me.
    Congratulations on your milestone. I didn't know you are a cancer survivor.
    I'd love to see Genius, and hope it will come to Netflix. I love Mr. Rush in any role that he plays. He commits to the roles completely.
    In your previous post the little yellow bird is an American Goldfinch although someone most likely already told you that. We just call them canaries, and they love thistle seeds and niger seeds and are attracted to the colour yellow (so yellow bird feeders will bring them in). Enjoy your week Patricia and thanks so much for your kind comment on mine.

    1. Hello Wendy, well first I must find a yellow bird feeder for when we next visit Canada (not so long away!)
      It was certainly strange to visit the old home, and I thought about it quite a bit the next day or two. No other family has ever owned it, so it will be strange to see what comes next. Yes, had a mastectomy five years ago, but still here, happily, and enjoying life. Always love to see your blog pop up, and a look at your part of Canada. P.

  3. Trish, how bittersweet it must be to sell your old house, with all the family memories. It does not take long to live a life, does it?

    Love your flowers and objects, but that is always the case when I check in here.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Einstein bio. We will learn much about his personal life. Ron Howard knows storytelling. Once in New York I sat behid him and his wife in a small theatre watching his then unknown daughter, Brice Dallas Howard in what what must have been her start in acting. I enjoyed the evening very much.

    1. No, it does not Debbie - I find myself making odd mental notes like '20% of my life I have done x or y'. I tend to see the world in a linear chronological way.
      Isn't Ron Howard to best storyteller! We always like his movies and this series is very well made, as you would expect. So impressed you sat behind him in the theatre - I love celebrity spotting, and have been near a few over the years, both show business and royal.

    2. Trish, I'm still waiting for my Hugh Jackman moment! He seems like such a lovely man.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the Einstein programme and the book. I am married to a Physicist with a mathematician son so science pretty important in our family. Glad to hear you are all clear and have 'graduated'. ladychatterleysaffair also sells lovely shoes!

    1. Ah, a Physicist must be interested in this programme, but then again he probably knows the whole story anyway :) Yes, I forgot the shoes from LCA, and also the baskets, of which I am the proud owner of one very bright number!

  5. Patricia, how amazing that visit to your childhood home must have been - especially with original things you recognized!

    Congrats on your milestone - my hubby is now 12 years out and I'm 20+ years - both of us are so thankful every single day for the miracles modern medicine can bring, and all the extra years it has given us.

    I haven't seen this series on Einstein yet but will be checking on its availability here - love Geoffrey Rush, he's a great actor.

    Those earrings are lovely - I like the idea of different posies.

    HM looks gorgeous - know Prince George must love being in his Granny's company - as for the beautiful Duchess, she ALWAYS looks stunning!

    Mary -

    1. So impressed with your 20+ years Mary, that gives me such good hopes. And it does make you thankful, and cherish life and the world around us. Glad you enjoyed the pot pourri! P.

  6. What great new Patricia - I am so pleased for you.
    The work top benches appear very symbolic of the 50s era, are they formica? they are probably very collectible vintage items now.

    1. Thank you Rosemary, I am very grateful.
      Yes, formica 1950s bench tops, and still in reasonable condition after all these years. It might not be the case with today's products. In a way I wish I could take them for myself, but that would be unsporting!

  7. Patricia, I bet it was so emotional going back to your childhood home. That was nice that it was a rental property for awhile. That's what we did with my mother's home, but eventually my brother had to sell it. Someone just recently bought it and redid many features, but left the brick walls in the kitchen. : ) That green glass candlestick is so pretty, and your new earrings are sweet. The book Genius sounds really interesting. Your roses are thriving beautifully, Patricia.

    Enjoy these June days. It's very hot here right now, and just trying to stay cool.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Actually it was fun going back Sheri, lots of interesting finds and memories. It will be weird to see it either removed or changed after sale, or even renovated. Glad you like my candlestick, I love green uranium glass. I hear it is very hot over there, while we get some respite here :)

  8. Happy five year anniversary and many more! Strange how 50's furnishings are so popular now but as we know, there is nothing new under the sun :))

    1. Thank you Val, let us hope so. Yes, it is a bit amusing to see the 50s things which used to languish in the second hand shops, now trendy and expensive, he he. I wonder if I could negotiate to get some of that Parasol formica!

  9. I am so happy about your results Trish....keep up the good work. It must have felt strange to be in your old home once again....all those memories xx

    1. Thank you Michelle. I never thought I'd go back to that house so it was a bit of a bonus, if a bit strange. Loved seeing the old formica bench tops of happy memory. xx

  10. Love the photos from your childhood home! The grey parasols, they are right in style now I should think. (You must say bench tops, we call them counter tops, in the kitchen, right?)
    The pale pink gerbera daisy on the table with the aqua vase on the white doily is gorgeous!
    Love the photos of the Queen and the rest of the Royal family on the balcony, and you are right I love Kate's dress sense, it is perfect.
    I saw that Einstein was coming on here, I will check and make sure that we have it set up to record. Thanks for reminding me! (Sometimes we think we have it set up, and we have forgotten!)

    1. Ah, might be showing my age, we use counter top as well!
      Glad you enjoy my pretty things, and I hope you find Einstein interesting. Like you, we sometimes miss recording stuff - all too much technology these days :)

  11. Hello Patricia,
    How lovely to visit your childhood home and see your old room still as it was. I join your readers in congratulating you and sharing your joy and good health and I pray for your continued good health.
    Fondest wishes for a glorious weekend
    Helen xx

    1. Hello Helen, Thank you for your good wishes, which are much appreciated. Good health is the most important gift. We are having the most balmy and mild winter weather, just perfect for the weekend. xx

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